Friday, December 30, 2011

Rowenta OC7891 Review - New Oven, New Adventure.

okay. after so long i'm back at blogger. the thought of starting an entirely baking-based blog had been lingering in my head for the longest time and with the new oven, i was inspired enough to start this. although the new semester's starting really soon and i'll probably not have enough time to commit completely here, but it's a good way to save recipes i really like and my experienceswith them since i don't really have a good memory. ^^

so this is my very first oven. a moulinex. this model doesn't exist anymore i should think. tried googling but seriously nothing came up. it has served me well for the past ten years or so (I'M NOT OLD I JUST STARTED BAKING YOUNG) and it STILL works fine but i need a better oven for some of my baking purposes. so mom, after much consideration and encouragement from my grandma, decided to get me a new oven.

so we headed down to Best Denki and was recommended Rowenta as 'producing the best ovens in the market right now'. it was strange because after much googling, there was close to zero information on Rowenta ovens and even the website itself didn't indicate that they produced ovens at all. -.- the few reviews on other webpages indicated that instructions and stuff came in French?? so honestly i didn't have a great impression. the saleslady however, told me that if i had any problems i could email this certain person who will forward me all the things in english, which eventually was unnecessary because the stuff did come in english after all. albeit the lack of a recipe book (because it was in French and i guess there's no translation for that).

okay so. Rowenta ovens come in three different models. the OC383, OC7868 and the OC7891, ranked from with OC383 being the least expensive and OC7891 being the most expensive. the difference between the first and the later two would be more distinct with an additional cooking mode for the later two and having 2 grids instead of one. the difference between the OC7868 and the OC7891 seems to be of lesser significance. the latter is white and has an additional steaming function which claims to retain moisture (i guess it's true) and allows for slow cooking, doesn't allow nutrients/moisture and whatnots to be lost and yada yada. initially i wasn't bought over by it. i mean, i already HAVE a steamer. why do i need an additional one? and the difference between this and the middle model is a whole hundred dollars. my parents were neutral and left the decision to me. as we enquired however, the saleslady successfully convinced my parents that the steaming function was awesome and talked them into getting this. i'm okay. i mean, i'm not the one paying and it does't hurt to have an additional function. i believe it does retain moisture considering that it doesn't have any gaps to let the steam evaporate so essentially the steam in the cocotte (or so they call it), the steaming tray thing, is just circulating within the glass tray. so it probably is better. remains unseen and untested as yet but should we start using it (i believe my dad will), i will update.

it wasn't a bad deal overall, we paid about $759 or so when the original price is $899, plus it came with freebies (which we had asked for). a baking tray and a dry/wet vacuum cleaner on top of a free fan because we paid using posb debit card. actually the freebies with an additional oven thermometer were only meant for the middle model. i think i looked super disappointed after we decided on the better model and found out it didn't come with anything so the lady said since there were spare stocks for those, she threw it in free for us as well ^^. so yup.

the comparison between the new and old oven. it is like HUGE. and i felt mildly deceived because it really is a whole lot bigger than it seems. there's this like additional back protruding brain thingy at the back of it so it's not really an oblong shape. but it's awesome because my previous oven was so small a lot of trays couldn't fit so i couldn't use certain trays and i always had to do many batches because it was only one level. so the capacity is definitely a couple times larger. (38L to be exact). and it's apparently really precise with variation of only 5 degrees. i mean it's digitalized so i guess it really is meant to be precise. looking forward to shortening my baking time with this hugeass oven. :)

one thing that makes me slightly uncomfortable is the various cooking modes. in my case there's 5. traditional oven, grill, bottom heat with fan, bottom top heat with fan, and i don'tt remember the last one. they also have pre designed cooking programs that has preset settings (28 programs for mine). for instance baking meringues. you can pick that particular program which is probably the optimal setting/baking environment for perfect meringues. there's the low temperature cooking and bread proofing, raise and bake auto function etc..

so it's quite confusing for someone who has always been using the traditional oven like me. and the temperatures. i've been using my traditional oven long enough to know what makes it tick. so i guess it's gonna take some trial (& errors :() in this case to get to know this new oven. 180degrees celsius for my previous oven may not have really been 180. but it worked fine for me. so now.. 180 degrees for the new oven.. HM.

and when to use the various cooking modes?? will it work the same way?? they say this is the pastry function but i used the normal traditional oven previously it worked fine. GOSH. okay. let's see how it goes.


  1. Hi
    how is your new oven? I am debating on the oven you have purchased (OC7891) or the Sharp Healsio Oven this seems to have a cool steam function. ( this is not the latest model tho).


    1. Hello,

      I can see your dilemma there. the Sharp seems really attractive as well. So far I've to say I'm pretty pleased with the Rowenta. performance wise for sharp i can't really comment because i've never used or seen the sharp healsio oven or any other sharp ovens for that matter.

      But one thing you may want to consider is the size. the Rowenta OC7891 is a lot bigger than it seems in pictures and perhaps even on the display shelf in stores. I'm not sure of the size of Sharp but according to the link you provided, I think it mentioned that it was small. but everything is relative. so if you don't have much space in the kitchen you may want to consider the Sharp instead, and compare the sizes in stores.

      if you intend on using the steam function pretty regularly and for normal home cooking, the Rowenta may seem to be abit on the bulky side. the cocotte is rather heavy due to the glass cover which puts me off using it at times. that inconvenience aside, i'm happy with the its performance and the various modes as well as the capacity. these are aspects you may want to consider.

      i bought the Rowenta because of the capacity, glass door and various modes. also because i wanted to invest in an oven for moderate to heavy use. (mainly because of my kueh lapis venture (refer to my kuehlapis post for my info)). so i bought what was recommended to be the best and the exterior was also something i'm more familiar with. (i think the sharp water oven opens in microwave form - the push and door opens kind if i'm not wrong). which explains why i comfortably settled with Rowenta.

      one more thing, from what i derive, the Sharp model seems to be from awhile back (post dated 2005), so you may want to double check if they still have it in stores. :)

      lengthy reply but hope i helped somehow!

      good luck and do let me know your eventual choice!


  2. Thanks very much for your response, its really appreciated.

    I think I am heading for the Healsio, although the link i send was for an older model i will be more interested in the latest model that I have seen.

    So I hope in the next few days or so final make the decision concrete and go for it.

  3. you're welcome :)

    not sure if you've read this but do take a look anyway IF you have not purchased your oven. hehe.

    sounds good anyhow and do let me know how the Sharp works if you do get that!


  4. Dianne

    According to the brochure, the dimensions is w56xd55xh36. Is it really that deep and wide? It doesnt seem so huge on display.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it really is that deep and wide. I may have mentioned somewhere in this blog that the back of the oven is exceptionally large. A little protruding to accommodate the fan i would believe. I didn't think it was this deep and wide when i was at the store either. Till we brought it home and set it on our countertop did I realise how big it really was.

      Hope that helps!


  5. Hi ,
    My bulit in cabinet has exactly the same widtg n depth wondering if the side gets heated if the cabinet space is exactly that demension.

    1. Hi Erneset,

      The sides do get heated so i don't think it's a very good idea.
      Just my opinion!


  6. Dear Diana,
    your post really helps me a lot in deciding which oven to get. I just bought a new Rowenta OC7891. I'm so excited. It's now back to 'getting to know my oven' stage. Can't wait to start torturing my oven. Thank you so much for a very detailed post.

  7. Hi,
    How is the status for Rowenta Oven OC7891 after 1 year usage?
    Do you all buy any extended warranty with Original 1 year warranty? Please advise....

    1. Hello!

      i'm into the third year of usage. oven is fine and still stable. there are hot spots in the oven that i've noticed so far but most ovens would have that problem i believe. my only issue would be the screen of the oven which is not displaying properly. i'm not sure if you know what i mean.. it's like a analog clock that is running out of battery. sometimes it's fine sometimes half of it disappears. but it really doesn't bother me very much and does not affect the oven's functionality thus far. i'm considering getting something done about that though but i've been busy these days. overall a pretty decent oven that does it work. warranty was not needed for me within one year. it worked perfectly fine and is still functioning okay. however, just wondering if you have considered the baby belling.

      when i purchased the Rowenta, the Baby Belling had yet to be sold in SG again. if it was i may have gotten that instead as it was my Grandma's trusty brand. not sure how well it functions now though. just my two cents!

      Hope that helped!

  8. Hi, may i know what function you used to nake your lapis cake. I used the grill function but the bottom of the cake turned soggy. So does my cake rolls. Very sad abt this. Sigh

  9. Hi,
    I know it's a very old post but may I know if you got the light display fixed and how much it cost you.

    Thank you.

  10. hi i own an oc7891 too may i ask whats the metal sheet tray for? the tray is not part of the cocotte. thanks...

  11. i also had to repair my oven display forgot the cost ready