Wednesday, January 11, 2012


this will have to be short.
i did these meringues a couple of days ago. okay more like last saturday. because i had so many egg whites left over from making scones, kueh lapis, and pineapple tarts. despite giving my grandma a container worth almost 20 egg whites, i STILL have a lot. so meringues it was.

i had wanted to try Okashi's recipe, something like macaroons (which i'm not a fan of). it called for almond powder and egg white powder which i had but the process seemed to troublesome. besides, i was simultaneously making pineapple tarts at that point in time. so i decided to stick to something simple and at the same time test out a new piping bag method and my piping skills. hehe. this is one of the later few batches when my piping got better.

i had used Wokking Mum's recipe but modified it to suit my own preference because i don't have a sweet tooth.

i had almost 7-8 egg whites rather than the 4 egg whites in the recipe and i cut the sugar to 200g instead of the 250g. but it was still pretty sweet for me and my friends and family. one downside about baking meringues is that they take almost 2 hours to completely dry out in the oven, without turning brown.

i used the Rowenta preset oven mode i think it's menu 13 for meringues which was preset to 100 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. i took out a couple of batches before time because my mom wanted to use the oven and i had a whole lot of meringue to bake but they were fine. at least an hour in the oven i should think.

tip: store IMMEDIATELY after removing from baking sheet or they'll start to melt and get sticky!

this makes quite a whole lot which i managed to share with my church people as well as my cousins so they were gone by Sunday ^^ very easy to eat because they're so light and crisp. ^^

Meringue (makes ~100-200?)

6-7 Egg Whites
200g Sugar (i would reduce it further the next time i make)
1/2 tsp cornflour
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

1. Whisk egg whites till fluffy and bubbles appear

2. Add Cream of Tartar and whisk till soft peaks (whipped egg whites will droop)

3. Add sugar gradually and whisk till stiff peaks (forms sharp peaks)

4. Fold in cornflour in swift motions

5. Pipe onto baking tray lined with baking paper (do not grease)

6. Bake at 100 Degrees Celsius until dry (will make a hollow sound when you knock the bottom and should not dent when poked with a toothpick/satay stick)

note: i baked it at rowenta oven's preset mode at 100 degrees celsius and approximately 2 hours. (i took out some after 1.5 hours and it was okay.)

7. Remove by plucking from baking sheet and store immediately.

i shall try huge meringues the next time i make theses which should be pretty soon!

i tried huge meringues a couple of weeks ago and it was quite the disaster because it took FOREVER to dry. over 2 hours. i removed it and kept it in the container tgt with it's smaller peers and the next day when i checked, it's moisture caused the other smaller meringues to become sticky and weep. :'( so i will stick to smaller pipes.

one more update: baking more meringues now and used 10 egg whites with 200g sugar.
because of it's massive scale i'm using all three racks in the Rowenta oven and the same menu 13 with rack3 which means 115 degrees celsius. NOT a good idea. taking v long to dry as well and the meringues have mostly browned. ideally stick with two racks at one time so perhaps i'll have to make meringues in batches of 5 egg whites next time.

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