Thursday, February 9, 2012

Milk Loaf

Milk Loaf, recipe adapted from Do What I Like

i did not use Hokkaido Milk but replaced it with ordinary full cream milk.
instead of using a bread machine, i kneaded it using my Kenwood and left it to proof for about an hour before punching the air out and then further proofing overnight in my fridge as it was getting late. i took it out at 6am the next morning and left it to return to room temperature and undergo final proofing till about 8plus before baking.

it was only after baking did i realize that the oven had a bread baking preset mode which called for baking at less than 100 degrees?!?! for an hour plus. my loaf took about 20 minutes. lol.

perhaps i will explore that option in the future.

verdict: this was still soft the next day and tasted good on its own. :D

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