Friday, May 25, 2012

Banana Chiffon Cake

The last time i tried working with bananas, it was an awful disaster because i was overly anxious and used bananas which were not over ripe. that taught me an extremely important lesson - always work with super, SUPER ripe bananas when baking.

Bananas are actually starchy, and as they ripe, the starch is broken down into glucose, making them really sweet and great for baking.

Anyhow, i was intending to make a pandan chiffon cake with the coconut cream in the fridge. i even bought eggs and was all prepared to start. but my pandan plant (which i got my grandma to get for me specifically so i can use the leaves for baking), didn't seem to have big and strong enough for me to cut off TEN leaves (as called for in Rei's recipe). coincidentally, dad bought a bunch of bananas a while back and as there are currently only 3 of us in the household, we couldn't finish and dad wrapped 3 of the bananas which were starting to overripe, even oozing glucose syrup. hence i decided to whisk them into bakes before they were due for the bin.

these were REALLY soft, moist, spongy and i was mighty pleased with it. *^^* it stood tall even after pressing it down. it was so moist i had half suspected it was undercooked but since it could spring back after pressing it down, i figured it was all good.

i had used Rei's Banana Chiffon Cake recipe. I've always turned to Rei's chiffon recipes and she provides detailed step by step explanations on making chiffon cakes and almost scientific explanations on how chiffon cakes work. 

the cake kept well for about 3, almost 4 days. as mentioned, given the few people in my household at the moment, and my mom isn't crazy about bananas, i delivered some to my grandma and ate the rest with my dad. because it was so light and fluffy i could grab more than a slice at a time. ^^

Rowenta Oven Setting: I used the conventional top and bottom heat mode and followed Rei's method of tenting the cake. Next time i will try using the bottom heat and fan mode without tenting and see how it works out.

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