Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is a just for fun post. *^^* With my brother overseas most of the time, and both my parents working and myself slacking at home during the holidays, i've to settle lunch on my own on most days when i've no plans on. i usually takeout from the mixed veg stall nearby because i insist on having vegetables in my diet and i've found that it's hard to get a good bit of vegetables in my meal if i order say char kuey tiao or chicken rice or noodles. so i'm actually a pretty picky eater out. @^^@

after the mixed veg stall changed hands awhile back, i didn't really like the dishes and so decided to cook my own meals. it allows me to control the exact amount i want to eat and need to eat. (i usually waste a lot of food when i takeout because the stall people tend to be very generous in their servings of rice and everything else). and another thing is that they don't offer brown rice. usually only vegetarian stalls serve brown rice. brown rice really helps maintain my weight and it is so important to take in whole grains and whole foods because they increase your metabolism rate which is responsible for 60~70% of burning off fats/calories. the other 30~40% comes from exercise. yes i could go on and on and on about the importance of eating well. ... :D

with my picky habits i decided to cook my own lunch. hehe ^^

the above is just 3/4 bowl of brown rice, two eggs worth of omelette, sliced tomatoes and baby kailan blanched then stir fried with garlic, oyster sauce and dark soy sauce (Hunger Hunger).

when i'm lazy i'll just cook my own rice and settle with the meat and vegetable dishes from the coffeeshop and the stall holders ALWAYS throw me weird looks when i request for no rice and only order two dishes. and they charge me $2!! one veg and one meat. zzzz. next time i will order three dishes i'm pretty sure it won't be far from $2 as well. ah ohwell.

i also picked up two packets of chocolate chips/peanut butter chips when i was at Tampines the other day because they were one for one! $7 for two packets was so worth it and i totally regret not getting more. maybe i'll go down to pick up more soon.

okay that's all. i finally feel like i paid off my blog debt. lol. okay bye~

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