Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies

the memories i have of these chocolate chip cookies go a long way back. since i started baking when i was eight (hence the blog name), i'd made chocolate chip cookies every Teachers' Day as Teachers' Day gifts. and they were well received amongst my classmates as well. i recall a particular Chinese teacher who even requested for the recipe. ^^

in those days, i only had my mini oven. if you've seen my Rowenta post on the comparison between my old Moulenix and the new Rowenta, you'd know that my old oven was really small. Because of that, when i start baking at about 5-6pm, i could still end up watching the oven till 11-12ish because i could only do one tray at a time and the cookie dough batch was rather big. i would halve it but it'll still take a long time. the kitchen counters would be laid with magazine sheets and wire racks on top with cooling cookies. and i remember my mom and my brother walking in every once in a while to grab a couple of cookies. and at the end of the night i would always smell buttery and feel exhausted.

one batch made at least a 100 drop sized cookies. they would be crispy, just the way i like it. however the girls (my tutees - lest you think i'm a mom) like them crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. a friend was telling me that it's simple to do that. just make the cookies bigger. which makes a lot of sense because it'll take longer to cook the inside and the outside would probably brown before the inside would be completely dry.

they go really well with milk. and i always remind myself never to use the normal, in makeup terms, drugstore brand chocolate chips. ALWAYS use semi-sweet chocolate chips or the cookies won't taste like choc chip cookies.

when i grew older and continued doing it in secondary school for certain years, i realize that i didn't enjoy it as much as when i did it in primary school. it felt more like an obligation after awhile i guess. the last time i made these was probably in J1 or J2 i don't remember. I did this again recently because i promised the girls cookies and i had a bag of Hersheys Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips i picked up on sale awhile back. so yup!

my mom still loves it and so do most people who tried it. (I HOPE!) ^^

anyhow i'm glad to take a post break from Macarons. there were too many macaron posts floating in this space it was getting claustrophobic!

one more post after this on my Matcha Macarons v2~

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