Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Matcha Macarons & Matcha White Chocolate Ganache

*long post ahead*

i apologise for the shadow in the picture. there were some painting works going on in the balcony today and the workers were walking in and out of the house and my angles to take the shots (without looking weird) were limited. so i had to back face the light. anyway! this particular batch of macarons were really REALLY DRAMATIC. before i carry on, do take a look at the picture below. these came out of the oven perfect! and when they were in the oven and i saw the beautiful feet forming and they were forming almost perfect rounds i was delighted!

they were so perfectly round even though i had faced a slight piping issue before this. because i usually use a normal sandwich bag to pipe (just cutting off one end), sometimes i don't get the size right and the batter comes out in.. a straight line tip-ish. if that makes sense. so it's harder to get it round. 

when the first batch came out, i had problems removing the shells from the baking paper. i had initially thought that they were still undercooked so i quickly popped them back in. after awhile, they were still stuck to the paper! and they were definitely cooked. i was devastated as my attempts to peel them from the baking paper left the shells in crumbs. :'( i quickly pinpoint the baking paper as the culprit. i checked the label on the bag of baking paper i bought recently and it said "GREASE-PROOF PAPER". i did some googling and found out it was different from the usual baking parchment paper i use. SO DID THAT MEAN THAT WAS THE END OF MY ENTIRE GORGEOUS BATCH OF MATCHA MACARONS??

sadly yes...

to half of them anyway. i was so frustrated and saddened by the first half that i tried to peel off i ended up dumping most of them after cracking the shells and taste-testing whatever managed to come off. i had done the routine of letting them cool (baking paper attached) on a wire rack for 5 minutes before moving them to the top of a damp cloth for awhile but they still wouldn't come off. and i was very careful about leaving them on the damp cloth for too long because for the usual normal properly baked macarons, they should come off pretty quickly and staying too long on the damp cloth will leave you with sticky macarons. macaron shells absorb moisture really fast.

when the tray holding the more perfect-looking macarons were done, i tried my best to peel them off intact. they did come off with a lining of paper stuck beneath each round. ._. i did that for about 3-4 macarons and the rest just couldn't come off. i was demoralized, discouraged and extremely devastated. so i left the rest of the baking paper on the damp cloth and went ahead to measure out the dry ingredients for the next batch of matcha macarons i was determined to make right away (or the next day at least). after that i left the kitchen waiting for the last batch to bake and whiled time away. when i returned, ready to clean up the mess... i tried peeling them off again for the last time before i would throw them AND THEY MANAGED TO PEEL RIGHT OFF. PERFECTLY.



so yes. i hope i saved some of your macarons. i'm glad i saved half the batch and they came out gorgeous. :) i do have some shame i shall stop calling them beautiful and gorgeous although i'm really pleased with the appearance of this batch.

i wouldn't continue using the paper for my future macarons though. for the simple reason that leaving them on the damp cloth for too long does affect the texture to a certain extent even though it helps the macaron to peel off well.

again i used the base recipe i turn to from Call Me Cupcake! just replacing the cocoa powder (15g) with 10g of Matcha powder. 

Matcha Macarons (Adapted from Call Me Cupcake!)
100g Blanched, Ground Almonds
100-110g Egg White
10g Matcha Powder
185g Icing Sugar
4 Tablespoons Sugar (~60g)
Green Tea Leaves from a tea bag
  1. If egg whites are cold, bring it to room temperature while measuring the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Sift icing sugar into a bowl - ensure that there are no lumps. (i usually push bumps through the sieve.)
  3. Sift ground almonds into the same bowl - when you get to the coarser ground almonds, grind almonds in a food processor. (this is important if you want smooth shells) (do note that i usually face a slight problem when blending the almonds. they tend to clump at the sides of the container due to the natural almond oils when you blend. but most of them should turn powdery and i don't use the side lumps)
  4. Add matcha powder and mix the dry ingredients thoroughly with a fork to ensure well mixed.
  5. In a large bowl, whip the egg whites. When the egg whites start foaming, add the sugar gradually and continue whipping until the mixture is glossy and stiff. (stiff peaks)
  6. Do not overwhip.
  7. Fold the dry mix into the meringue in 2-3 parts using a clean spatula. Mix until mixture is just slightly runny and dissolves back into the mixture. (it's okay if it takes a little while to dissolve in)
  8. Fill your piping bag and pipe the macarons onto a baking sheet. Let them set for 60 minutes to form a dry skin.
  9. Sprinkle green tea leaves on each shell if desired
  10. Preheat oven to 145ÂșC. Bake for 18 minutes in the middle rack. (i did one tray at a time)

Matcha White Chocolate Ganache (Adapted from Youtube Video)
3oz White Chocolate (i used white chocolate chips)
10g Matcha Powder
60ml Whipping Cream
Green tea leaves from tea bag (same tea bag from above mentioned)
  1. Bring whipping cream to a boil. Remove from heat.
  2. Add Matcha powder and whisk well.
  3. Combine with white chocolate and whisk/stir well.
  4. Mix in tea leaves if desired.
  5. Leave to cool at room temperature. It will set well in the fridge.
* i set the ganache in the fridge before using. it hardened well in the fridge so you might want to leave it out for awhile before using.

** i had generously added matcha powder here to my own taste as i was afraid of the white chocolate being overly sweet. it was still overly sweet (may be due to the type of white chocolate i used) but feedback was that the matcha taste was quite strong.
*** one tea bag has more than enough green tea leaves for both the decor of the shells and the filling.

OH YES. before i forget. the oven mode for this.

i know i stated in one of my posts that i had been using the fan mode. i've faced a couple of problems with that. namely uneven heat distribution and the fan too strong i suspect causing my macarons to rise unevenly. with the dramatic fiasco i described above, i actually even went about adjusting the oven modes thinking it had something to do with that. 
convection (top bottom heat): bad and unsuitable - half the macarons that came out from this batch cracked.
bottom heat & fan: this worked the best out of all the modes so far. it produced the most even batch (zero percent cracked from this batch) and the macarons rose beautifully (the ones pictured). although so, i would like to emphasize that the results of macarons are dependent on many factors and it could have just been a coincidence that they came out well for that batch. i will continue to experiment on my next trial.

Matcha Powder:
i heard that the Phoon Huat one was quite 'potent', in the words of a friend. so i used 10g instead and used the other 10g on the filling because i wanted a very strong green tea taste. (yes i love green tea). it was about SGD$3+ if i recall correctly. for 20g.
HOWEVER, i'm not impressed with the taste (nor the scent for that matter). the bottle does state ingredients: green tea dust (????), flavor (or something), food coloring. something along those lines. so i went down to Parkway Parade today to pick up a mini can of authentic matcha powder from Sukuraya Fish Mart. it is SGD$6.80 for 40g which is rather affordable, i mean if you compare to the one from Phoon Huat. it is about the same price. i did read somewhere that it is cheaper at Fairprice Finest (perhaps the Jap section) at about SGD$6.50. so yes. i will try that matcha powder tomorrow and update perhaps?


  1. i use the top and bottom heat at 160C for 13 mins or longer. by 7-8min they should have feets.
    btw, i am using italian meringue method.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for dropping by! may i know if you used a candy thermometer when heating the sugar? have you tried the French Meringue method? do the results vary significantly?


  2. Hi Dianne
    yep, i used a thermometer for the syrup. yet to try FM, but i saw a picture comparison between the 2. IM shells are more glossy.

  3. Yes i've heard that IM produces much more stable shells compared to FM. if i had a thermometer i would attempt IM.. do let me know if you do try FM and how they compare!

    thanks for dropping by!

    Dianne :)