Friday, July 6, 2012

Rowenta Updates & Records

I am aware that there is very limited information about the Rowenta Oven on the net right now, hence this is my third update about the oven over my half a year use so far.

This post will also serve to remind me about the modes i should be using for certain pastries, biscuits and cakes and i will attempt to update it periodically.

About the Oven:

  1. As mentioned in my previous posts, i'm using the Rowenta OC7891 which has the steam function.
  2. Steam Function: if you see my post here, you will know that the Rowenta does a pretty good job at steaming foods with all the moisture retention in the cocotte. HOWEVER, one thing i really dislike about this steaming function is the cocotte, which is quite heavy to start with. when steaming, you will need to fill the bottom with water and then your food on top. and then, you need to hold it carefully to ensure you don't spill any gravy or anything when you put it in the oven. because my Rowenta is situated on a platform, i have to lift the heavy cocotte with water and plates inside to put it in the oven. now that's not the worst part. after steaming, yes, the entire cocotte is hot AND heavy. i've burnt myself at least twice trying to get it out of the oven. again maybe it's the fact that it's on a pretty high platform for me. so if you do use this function you've gotta be very careful. i don't recommend using the steam function for everyday use to heat up food etc because it really is a challenge to balance the heavy cocotte for me. i'll only use it if i want to prepare like.. a dish or something. not the everyday steam rice or heat food function. i will use a separate steamer. if you intend to two in one this and use it as a main steamer, i suggest you reconsider!
  3. Oven Modes: previously i wasn't that impressed by the various oven modes offered. having used a traditional oven for the past ten plus years of baking, i was quite happy with it. so all these modes did confuse me a little. but i explored various modes while macaroning the other day and i actually found the perfect mode for macarons i'm mad happy!! so this goes to show that it really has a marked difference! in the past i would have about 40% of cracked shells. after changing modes i've got almost 0% cracked shells AND almost perfectly even tops. <3 and i'm pretty sure my old oven wouldn't have been able to achieve such consistent and even results. :)

The cards come like that :


it is cleverly designed to be able to slot at the bottom of the oven so it's quite foolproof. 

Suitable for grilling meats (chicken, fish etc)
it has a fixed temperature (cannot adjust own temperature) it is set at around 200ºC if i'm not wrong.
should not be used for more than 1.5 hours at a time.
I use this when i'm uncertain. 
Banana Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies

I used this for macarons but they didn't turn out ideal.
i noticed that the preset oven mode for meringues use this though.

Good for Macarons - produced very even macaron shells with little cracks.

have not used.

as i continue to explore the oven i'll update this page ^^

10Aug12/ updated to include more details and fix image issue on the page


  1. cant view some of your pics. would like to know what mode u used for macarons.

    1. my apologies. i will fix that asap. i used the bottom heat with fan. also called pastries for Rowenta :)

  2. I just got the same oven. But the instruction manual is shockingly short... And I was surprised (flabbergasted) to realize that there is no information even on Rowenta website! In fact, there is no mention of an oven at all anywhere on their website! Now I wonder why...? Have you been able to find any recipes using Rowenta?

    1. Hello! thanks for dropping by. Yes! there is literally no information at all! nope i have not managed to find any recipes specifically from Rowenta. it takes a bit of toggling and testing to find out which mode best suits which kind of bakes (i do try to include the most suitable mode in most of my recipes). it is a pretty good oven though. if i use the right modes, the oven produces some amazing results. (like even macarons!!)

    2. It's good to know that I am not alone in this trial-and-error! Now, I am having two problems:

      1) The oven used to beep after the pre-heat, then after I put the food in for baking, nothing happens. So, I have to re-enter the temperature, time, etc.

      However, that was until yesterday.

      Now, 2) the timer starts the second I turn it on: The timer starts ticking from the pre-heat. So, if I want to bake bread at 220 degrees for 10 minutes, the pre-heat takes up most of the 10 min!

      Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong / not doing?


    3. Hello!! Yes definitely not alone.
      Hmm.. your oven sounds interesting.

      I'm not really sure what's going on for 1), but this is how i start the oven:

      1. i press the mode button and the image should appear on the screen. turn the knob to pick the mode. (double press the mode button for preset oven modes)

      2. adjust the temperature and time accordingly by pressing the buttons, adjusting with the knob and confirm by pressing the same button.

      3. press start. at this point, the oven should beep and a thermometer with the OK sign thing should be flashing on the screen.

      4. when the OK sign stops flashing and stays permanently, it means preheat is complete and i put in whatever trays.

      the timer you're referring to i assume is the time for baking and not the alarm/timer thing (they do have another function for alarm/timer).

      the timer will definitely start the moment you press 'Start'. hence, always give some time for pre-heating. i usually don't adjust the time needed and let the oven pre-heat to the desired temperature first. after that i'll pop in the trays then adjust the time.

      so say i want to bake bread at 220ºC for 10 minutes. i set my mode to traditional oven, set my temperature to 220ºC and press start. the default time should start counting down from 50 minutes. i go about doing my own business while the oven heats up.

      once i see that the OK sign is fixed on the screen, i put in the trays and adjust the timing from where it has left off.

      hope that helps and let me know if i'm not clear in the explanation!!


  3. Thanks so much for the detailed response!

    1) What really puzzles me is that when I first got the oven, the oven used to beep after it finished pre-heating to let me know that it was ready. Now it does not. It just pre-heats, and I have to keep checking the little flashing thermostat to see whether it is ready. Is it like that for you?

    2) You say that the timer also starts right away for you, so I guess that is just the way it is... It is just strange: I have used other ovens, and the timer never started until it has reached the right temperature.

    3) After the oven has reached the pre-set temperature, what do you do? When I open the door and place the dough in and shut the door, nothing happens. Do you have to press the start button again?

    1. 1. Nope! Since I started using the oven, it only beeps after i press start, then the thermostat will start to flash.

      3. After it reaches the preset temperature, i pop in the trays. nothing is supposed to happened because the oven is already heated.. unless you're saying that your oven turns off after it hits the preset temperature.

      Hope i helped!

  4. Hi Dianne,

    I have been thinking of buying this oven but cannot find it on display anywhere in Hong Kong. Can you please tell me what are its internal dimensions and doesit fit a standard 12 muffin tray? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi there. I got the same oven last yr but i got it 2nd hand. Thus, I do not have the guide card u mentioned as the previous owner lost it.

    I've been having some issues with the oven when I am baking cupcakes recently. I hope you can help. :)

    Without the guide card, I have to use the manual settings for baking. When baking cookies, I have no prob. However, when I baked cupcakes recently, I used the traditional function and I realised the cupcakes are not rising properly. It rose in a slanted manner. Idk how to rectify it. Pls help!

    1. Hello!

      There could be many reasons resulting in cupcakes rising in a slanted manner. the most likely reason i believe would be the uneven distribution of heat. i did an experiment with the oven a couple of weeks ago and found that the left of the oven is what we call the hotspot where it is generally much hotter.

      i'm not sure if all your cupcakes came out slanted or just a couple out of the batch. if they were a few out of the batch, it may be due to this hotspot. i would attempt to rectify this by turning the tray midway through baking (and also ensuring that the batter has been evenly spread). if all the cupcakes are rising in a slanted manner, i would think that you may have turned on the fan mode? i've heard of cases where the fan affected the way of rising even though i have not personally experienced it.

      also, don't worry about operating without the guide in the case of cupcakes. i usually use manual mode when i'm baking and only use the guide when i want to grill meat. the traditional mode should have worked just fine. perhaps you could try ensuring that the batter is evenly spread in the liners and turn the trays carefully halfway through baking.



  6. I'm using the same oven as you but it appears that my lcd display is getting damaged frm the heat of the oven. Does it happen to you as well?

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