Sunday, December 29, 2013

23 December 2013 - Korea, Day 123; my dramatic return recapped.

helllllo. i'm back in Sunny Singapore, pun completely intended. i landed at about 1.30am on 23 December 2013 after a dramatic turn of events in the 24 hours before that. lest i have to repeat my story ten times over, let me explain what happened.

my initial flight was scheduled to be back on 23 December 2013, 1630. that meant that i had to stay a night with ebony and company in an apartment that they rented. closer to the date, i thought it was quite silly of me to stay an extra night. so i moved my flight to 22 December 2013, 1630 - which wasn't available for booking when i booked my flight.

so on the night of 21 December 2013, i returned home from Hongdae following my last cafe visit with SSN rather late.

i started packing till 3am into the night.. realizing i wouldn't be able to fit everything into my luggage. then i started to panic. i couldn't possibly handle all my luggage to the airport the next day. i had one backpacker's bag, my MCM bag, my huge luggage which was already 31kg, a box and three paper bags of stuff that couldn't fit anywhere. oh, and my stuffed penguin. it was impossible unless i had help. i decided to leave it to tomorrow morning and see what i can do. so i tried to go to sleep. but i couldn't. so i got up at 4am and contacted my brother who thank goodness is an owl and was still awake (plus the hour time difference), he woke my parents and i changed my flight back to 23 December 2013 at 1630. i managed to catch some sleep after that.

i had hoped to ship my stuff back before going to the airport, but it was, unfortunately, a Sunday and EMS was supposedly closed everywhere, including the airport. so my only choice was to stay at the apartment with Ebz and wake up early on Monday morning, ship all my stuff then head to the airport alone. so l woke up the next morning and told Lynette that i wasn't leaving with her. explained the situation in the midst of our chaotic packing and cleaning the room. oh yes, let me mention that i was out of data as well. so i basically had no way of contacting anybody except through my Mac.. or if i stood outside our room along our corridor which i did so often that night. how emotionally stressful.

anyhow, my mom contacted me and told me to get to the airport anyway, get a transit hotel and they would get me a shuttle to and fro. they would help me with my luggage and send my stuff at the airport the next day instead. i would have had better time allowance but that was a SGD100 per night. after an internal debate and speaking to Ebz and a couple of the familiar girls (whom all had to put up with my tears that morning), i decided to go ahead and stay at the transit airport because it was safer.. my only problem was moving all my stuff to the airport. i had to get on an airport bus. so my only problem was from the dorm to the bus stop. once i get on the airport shuttle everything should be easier from there. right here i really have to thank Lynette for being so optimistic and patient with me and helping me lug all my stuff, patiently, and reassuring me. and SK, who went out of his way to carry my stuff to the bus stop as well. i think i scared him when i started to tear up at the SK Lobby (name of our dorm). and Layteng too.. i somehow successfully got to the airport.

we had lunch and i went to find out about the hotel.. got a pamphlet and it looked so dubious and shady i was scared at having to stay there alone. and so we decided to look for EMS/parcel delivery services. i asked the info counter and the girl clearly didn't know what she was saying as she repeatedly told me that there was no EMS service. even raising her voice at me. ok.. nonetheless me and Lynette walked around. and FOUND AN OPEN EMS SERVICE. thank God seriously. so we immediately got to work and i started repacking my stuff.. basically all the stuff that was outside of my luggage i had to ship them back. air vacuuming everything on the spot.. thank goodness it was a big airport with spaces. i fished out my mac and tried to find a flight on the day itself. amazingly there were still seats available on the 1630 flight.. which i knew i probably wouldn't make in time because i needed time to pack, check in and do tax. so i looked for a later flight. AND THERE WAS ONE AT 1930. i changed it immediately. and then we started to pack our stuff.. since Lynette had stuff to ship as well. the prices, btw, are the same as those in school.

well. just when you think things couldn't get any worst.. i realized that i forgot the pass lock to my luggage. YES. HOW JOKES WAS THAT. it was horrible because i had kimchi and some liquids outside my luggage. and we weren't allowed to ship food and cosmetics.. which meant i could only ship clothes and shoes.. which were mostly in my luggage… which i couldn't open. it was strange cos there weren't such rule in the post office at school. i couldn't be bothered and decided that i may just have to wait till i get back and get a lock opener. so i packed the other stuff into the box. (yes i had that much stuff). while every once in awhile trying my luck with various combinations. and miraculously… after trying only about 20 times, i managed to unlock the luggage, not after Lynette complained, "can we just force it open?" hahahaha. random revelation in my head no kidding. and i also believe it's a divine intervention. i'd imagine God going, "this girl… tsk.. let me give her a hand." and i would have gotten an imaginary smack on my head and then the combination appeared. can i also say that i was amazed at how patient Lynette was. i guess with all the things that had happened, she didn't even seem surprised that i forgot my passcode. she just laughed. hahahaha.

so i managed to do a proper repack.. with Lynette's help because i was too disoriented to do any proper packing. she literally repacked my clothes in the vacuums bags and helped to fit all my rubbish into the box. <3 <3 <3 well the total weight of all that clothes was another 16kg. check out how much i shipped back:

19kg + 15kg + 6kg + 16kg = 56kg.

and i had a luggage allowance of 30kg. and i STILL struggled with two backpacks, two paper bags and my luggage. no idea how i managed to get all that past customs. divine intervention again i believe. i mean i could barely walk down the aisle of the SQ plane and no one stopped me either. i would believe that by guidelines and rules, i wouldn't have been allowed to board. hahahaha. i really insanely felt God's divine grace and mercy that day. perhaps His way of reminding me that He is in control.

oh yes, can i also mention that i still managed to get my window seat despite all that that happened. changing my flight countless of times. i wanted a window seat so bad because i had wanted to have a first view of Singapore's night lights the moment i got back. so thankful that i did. even though i was pretty much already exhausted by the time i got on the plane i wasn't in that much of a romantic mood to look at the lights. my arms and muscles ached the moment i sat down on the plane.

so that was probably one of the most dramatic things that happened to me in Korea (together with the incident of my sprained ankle). and that marked the end of my Korea Exchange.

i actually do have much more to say about my current disorientation back into Singapore society and trying to adapt back into the 80% humidity (it's about 50% humidity in Seoul) and getting used to the lack of cafes and wifi. trying to stop speaking Korean to service staff or random strangers who try to talk to me on the streets. it's barely been a week in and i miss Seoul so much. i mean the very first coffee i had back here from Tiong Bahru Bakery @ City Hall was traumatizing. i would believe that the barista used overly hot water which burnt the beans resulting in a sour after taste in my Cappuccino - something i never had to experience in Seoul. all my Cappuccinos and Lattes were delicious. ok i will stop complaining. i know i would still miss Singapore if i had to go back to Seoul so i would start being more appreciative of things - like the abundance of escalators we have in our train stations and the return of my personal space. even though some lady rammed right into my right shoulder today and didn't apologize and i was momentarily transported back into Seoul.

anyway, i hear from my vocal teacher back in Korea that it's currently -13ºC in Seoul. how mad crazy cold is that. i'm thankful to be back at times like that. haha.

okay that's all.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Korea, Day 116; Counting Down

I met Tiffy on my way out to Ewha yesterday, and she was lugging along with her a small luggage bag - a sight so familiar to me the past week when my parents came down about a week ago. Her family came down two days ago and that just made me so excited. honestly, having your family around after so long is probably one of the best feelings ever. it has been kinda mehz these couple of days because of how cold it's getting. it snowed. oh yes it snowed.

i'll probably do more pictures when i get back home. because i have two papers this week and i haven't started studying since i just finished all my remaining assignments. there's so many things to be thankful for, so many things i do want to say and write about but i don't have the time yet. once i get back.

which, by the way, i am extremely excited to get back. back to the warmth of my beautiful city. back to the warmth of my family. back to the comfort of my home. it really is getting too cold for comfort for me. getting out can be such a chore having to pile on clothes before being able to get out for a while.

but i know i'll miss it, nonetheless.. so many things that i'll probably miss over here. i may miss the cold. just a little bit. and i think i will miss people speaking in Korean all around me. i don't know.

i will miss all the friends i have made.

i'm coming home. *^^*

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Korea, Day 102; 1 December 2013

wow. almost an entire month without an update. time has been flying and slipping right through my fingers. i don't have much time left in Korea.

Happy 102nd Day Korea.

missing my friends and family, and the weather back in Singapore. i miss the roads and the malls even.

just a little longer.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Korea, Day 79; Excerpt of 4 November 2013

written on 4 November 2013; Caribou Coffee
what's stopping me?

Korea, Day 79; breathing

Homestead Coffee, 3 November 2013
Fall at Ewha University, 5 November 2013

a timely update on my life so far.
i'm pretty sure it showed, but i was experiencing a whole lot of anxiety for the past week at least. but i'm glad to say that i'm feeling much, much better this week.

i decided to seek a second opinion regarding my ankle last Wednesday and visited the student healthcare center. the doctor referred me to a hospital for an Xray since it has already been a month. i told her that i had gone to Severance Hospital and was thinking of returning there since they probably already had my records. but she said that they were very expensive and gave me addresses for other hospitals nearby. since i was probably insurance-covered, the prices didn't really bother me but she recommended a particular hospital at Sinchon. so i decided to head down.

the doctor who saw me couldn't speak English well and he didn't seem very bothered. however he at the very least, seem to know what he was doing. i got my Xray done by a very nice guy (as compared to the rest of the staff i had been meeting in the hospital). thankfully no broken bones. the doctor even said that my consistency (whatever that meant) and my basically my ankle was rather flexible since i could bend it so much in a certain angle when taking the X-ray shots. but he suspects that my ligament is 'tattered'. damaged. rather. which probably caused an inflammation. so it was probably not very wise for me to constantly paste medicated plasters - cool or hot on it. or continue dancing.


Pills - Korean-Style
FINALLY. someone tells me what's going on in my ankle. at the very least i know what's going on.

so i was given three different pills that are supposed to be anti-inflammatory and help to stop the pain. yes it was still hurting one month into the incident. it's about time they have me on some pills.

so i took the pills for a week and had tonnes of prayers prayed for me (thank you all those who prayed for me :')) and watched how much i walked, where i walked, and the way i walked. and i refused to take the stairs despite living just one floor up from the lobby. people in the lift probably thought i was such a troll but i didn't care.

it really helped that i knew subconsciously that the pills were anti-inflammatory. i would literally imagine my ligament going down in swell. my mental tension and anxiety ceased as i stopped feeling the pain. i still occasionally feel weakness in my right leg or ankle, but it isn't sufficient to cause any worry for me.

also, i've suspended dance classes. it stressed me out initially, with the worries of catching up. and then deciding that i won't be able to catch up anyway so i should stop thinking about it. and then feeling upset about the entire situation. it took me awhile to come to terms calmly.

in fact, after retreat, i honestly felt close to zero anxiety about missing classes. they're doing a couple of really good songs - Troublemaker's No More Tomorrow and Taeyang's new song this month. i would have enjoyed it i think. but Taeyang's new choreo is mad hard and has a whole lot of footwork. so i'm pretty glad i'm taking a break i guess. my ankle is more important, i tell myself. at least i have my Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings and nights off. more time for myself, more time for Korea.

while i'm here i want to absorb all the Koreanyness i can. sit in more cafes, enjoy the indie KPOP songs they play with some fantastic coffee and have some time on my own. go shopping. yes, enjoying my life. it's not because this is what exchange is about, it is because this is what everyday should be about. living my life to the fullest, within my means at least.

written from 6 November 2013.
published on 8 November 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Korea, Day 74; 3 November 2013

10 July 2013; Nottingham, UK 
to the best parents in the world:


sending both of you all my love from Seoul, Korea 4,669 km away. <3<3

we may have our disagreements at times, but i know that it is always with my, or our best interests at heart. thank you for always being so supportive in the things i do (most of the time at least hahahaha). always trying to be able to provide for whatever i want, even when it is sometimes bratty. trusting in the decisions i make and never really stressing me in my studies.

i know i'm not always the best daughter around and my pride often gets in our way. but please know that i truly appreciate everything that both of you have done for me and korkor.


thank you for showing me that no matter what happens, all of you are always there. <3<3

lastly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on exchange in Korea.

i hope korkor was extra nice to both of you today and that y'all enjoyed the Cedele or Marmalade Pantry cakes that he should have gotten.

Happy Birthday Daddy & Mummy. <3

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Korea, Day 69; i am in Korea.

Busan 2013
i guess i don't really know how to name this post. i've been to and back from Busan the past weekend but i've been more distracted by my ankle then anything else. and it's really depressing and i'm trying not to let it get to me but it's so hard. because it disrupted my routine of 2 months and i was suddenly thrown into a state of confusion and i felt a little lost. it was to a point that i begun questioning myself. what am i doing in Korea? and then there's that bondage. that you worry about when you travel. walking too much. should i paste a salonpas today? is the cold one better or the hot one? is it swollen today? it's been a month. there must be something wrong. but Severance Hospital (which they say is one of the best hospitals in Korea,) says that it's a mild sprain and i just need to rest. I HAVE BEEN RESTING. what's going on. and i really wish i was back in SG. look for Dr Ng and have him tell me what is really going on.

Pastor Christian said that all mental illnesses stems from anxiety. and i have been feeling a hell lot of anxiety this week. and then my tutees' parent texted me all the way from Singapore, to check how i was doing. i said i was good, but i need prayers for my ankle. the reply came, telling me
 Cast all your cares on HIM, for He cares for you 
1 Peter 5:7 

what a timely reminder. 

also, just a random throwback because i miss my family. i miss traveling with them.

and Europe

PS. check out how the weight loss/gain for me/my brother hehe.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Korea, Day 63; Happy 2-Monthsary Korea.

Cafe Arvo; Green Tea Latte
it's been about two months since i've been in Korea. by dates at least. since i arrived on the 22nd of August.. and it's 23rd October now. 9 weeks today, to be exact. and i am sitting in a small cafe somewhere near the dorm, having a cup of hot green tea latte, planning my schedule, studying for my midterm tomorrow and not yet feeling excited for Busan on Friday.

i'm just really distracted by my ankle and the fact that i can't finish the choreography properly. or practice. i stopped practicing since last Thursday's class, intending to suspend classes for awhile from yesterday, only to be told that i need to call a day in advance. it was a good thing i was on my way anyway, and went down to attend class since my attendance was taken anyway. to my shock, there was no one in class. SSN saw me and literally went 다이앤! apparently i was the only one who turned up.. when i had originally intended to turn up just to watch. but now i had to dance. so it was almost like a one to one class for me. she asked if my ankle was okay. i didn't feel the pain anymore while stretching. less anyway. so i went ahead. i regretted after that. my ankle started swelling again. i knew in my guts then if i continued into the second class, i'll probably be back to square one, or the swell would be terrible and i may limp back from Sinchon again lolol. so i obediently sat at the back to watch instead. only to feel increasingly depressed as i saw them progressing a quarter of the choreo. how on earth was i going to catch up without being able to practice? sigh. and there goes another incomplete choreography for me. being bounded was so incredibly depressing. people would probably think that i'm exaggerating. how can it be that dramatic? IT IS. 

and it's not because i am #inkorea. i guess we take so many of our everyday routine for granted we don't even notice how essential and crucial they are. it's like being able to shower without avoiding an open wound. i think that's the best analogy i can give. you'd know if you've tried showering with an open wound. ok.

anyhow. i've suspended my classes. i hope i have enough time to recover.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Korea, Day 59; my funny foot

16 October 2013: Severance Hospital
 Visit a Korean Hospital 
 Visit one of Korea's best hospitals
 Drink free coffee in the waiting room

seriously. the waiting area at Severance Hospital didn't smell anything like a hospital would. no sterile scents, nothing. it smelt like coffee. YES. #onlyinkorea - tell me about it. IT SMELT OF COFFEE. and so i found a coffee machine at the waiting area serving free coffee. that's how strong the coffee culture in Korea is these days.

okay a little backstory:

so apparently i injured my ankle when i tripped in a cave at Jeju about two weeks back. the pain only came the day after and i thought it'd go away after it swelled the second night at Jeju. the pain only came when i exert strength on my right ankle and i thought it'd go away after awhile. back in Seoul, i continued with my dance classes. the first class was fine, i just couldn't do a couple of stretches on the ground. by the end of the second class, i knew there was something wrong. the muscle in my ankle burned and i could feel it being funny when i walked. one week after, the pain moved to my leg and the front of my foot when i was walking, particularly after dance. i literally limped my way back from Sinchon. last Tuesday (15 October 2013), i couldn't do the footwork for the chorus of the choreography. i left class feeling worried. i had been icing it the nights before. i met Yooran on the way out who asked about my ankle, after which she told me that 선생님 was good at such injuries and knowing such stuff and that i should ask him. he came out at that moment and i got Yooran to translate for me. he asked a couple of questions then pointed to the steps. for a moment i thought he wanted me to walk up the steps to feel if there's pain. hahahaha. but it was apparently to get me to sit. so i did and he lifted my foot. that was when i realised my ankle had already started to swell up again. he removed my shoe *cue awkward moment* and told me to yell if it hurts. at that moment i really felt like all these Korean Drama scenes that we watch, they really belong to Korea 만. it was such a scene out of a Korean Drama. hahaha. that aside, i was quite touched. i guess it's because i am a foreigner and he has so many students in the class AND our communication is like 20% because he can't speak English and my Korean is broken. so i really didn't expect him to bother i suppose. new-found respect after that. (:

he told me that i needed to rest and not practice. and i asked if i had to go to the hospital (Korea doesn't really have clinics, they only have hospitals if you wanna see a doctor. otherwise you go to a pharmacy.) he said i should because it may worsen.

since the pain continued on the way back, i started to worry and headed straight for Severance Hospital (props that it is part of the Yonsei Campus and it right beside our dorm) on the way back. only the ER was open. so i decided to go back the next morning.

the doctors said it was a mild sprain. the look on their faces when i told them that i was dancing was hilarious.

"you danced with your sprained ankle?"

i just laughed sheepishly. anyhow, they made it clear that i couldn't continue dancing until i stopped feeling the pain. it's more of a strain i feel. and it probably worsened as i continued to dance when i came back. i wished i knew. but the pain wasn't apparent and it wouldn't have stopped me enough.

i don't know, but i was really upset at the thought of having to stop or delay. that would mean an incomplete choreography. i wanted to learn a whole song so bad. and i have been practicing every night possible. i was determined not to suspend regardless. but my parents aren't very happy (yes mom i know you're reading this) and i was vaguely reminded when my brother was overseas and my mom threatened to cut his money supply if he didn't comply to something. it was quite funny. hahaha. and the thought of having an old ankle injury upset me more. so i should be taking a break.. i think. i'm not sure how long.

i tried dancing without using my right ankle on Thursday but it was plain annoying because i couldn't complete the moves properly. and it hurt when i walk. so i stopped, almost completely, not practicing at all. at least it doesn't hurt when i walk now, unless i walk really fast. haha. being injured is depressing. and i'm thrown back to the time with my knee injury when i felt so bounded at times. but that wasn't half as bad. at least it didn't bother me.

i'm being more optimistic about it now anyway. it seems that i can only afford a week delay. so i'm really praying hard for it to recover in a week. the doctors said indefinitely. seriously. -.-.

i even stopped wearing my boots (yes i was still wearing them when my ankle hurt. yes i wish i didn't. i  wish i knew better.) so i'm wearing sneakers with everything now. zzz. can i also mention that i'm worried about all the food i'm eating now that i can't exercise. GAH.

okay that's the end of my foot story. haha. back to clearing assignments~


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Korea, Day 49; 7 weeks in Korea

7 September 2013: Billy Angel Cake Company
it's been 7 weeks into Korea so here's an obligatory post. ^^ complete with a throwback picture about a month ago.
and strangely, or not so strangely, it's been a week since the last post. flew for Jeju last Friday and got back just on Monday night and we were completely exhausted and i still had to do laundry, finish up my last assignment which was due on the next day. ended up sleeping at 2.30am with class at 9am the next day so i was honestly burnt, especially with dance classes at night. so i slept in this morning a little before getting up to clear my assignments and projects. :(

more school work going on and there are a whole lot of things that i need to do. i'm suddenly wondering if i've enough time in Korea. 

speaking of which, i had the best coffee ever here yesterday before i went for dance.
it is the best coffee ever and i've thought about that cuppa at least a couple of times since i finished it.
which reminds me.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Korea, Day 41;

nostalgia; kopiko - discovered in Seoul, courtesy of my Familia leader

feeling emotionally tired today. received some bad news from home while on the way to small group today. i didn't feel prepared to deal with it and blocked it out - intending to gradually make some sense when i get back to dorm alone at night. i don't even know what and how to feel about it.

i guess it's a painful reminder that life is really short sometimes.

i don't even know what to say anymore. haha.

shall go to bed soon and pray hard that the mozzies don't get me tonight. really have to get me a mosquito mat or risk waking up at 5am from itch and pain again.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Korea, Day 40; my japanese friend.

Dinner @ Pomato
on 17 September, i made a Japanese friend from dance class. she can't speak English, i clearly can't speak Japanese. so we could only converse in Korean. i always thought it was amazing. the very fact that neither of us were Koreans but we can only speak the language to each other and can understand each other.

Emily joined me for dance for the first time today. we got on the train back and somehow bumped into her. it turns out that she stays at Sinchon as well. so the three of us spoke in our fundamental basic Korean for about an hour on the journey back. it was really funny because sometimes we can't understand each other and have to elaborate or analyse in our broken (or at least my broken) Korean. i believe we attracted a lot of stares on the train. three foreigners speaking in Korean. i told her that the people on the train must think that we're really strange. but i didn't care. i liked talking to her. we decided that we should go eat together some time. or go out maybe. (: days like these that i'm immensely grateful that i took up Korean back in Singapore.
i can't believe September is over. it honestly flew right past and i don't seem to remember where it went. i may miss home, but i'm not prepared to leave yet. i haven't had enough of Korea, haven't seen enough. treasuring the next 3 months left.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Korea, Day 39; mooncakes

Instagram: Mooncakes

i love Mondays, we chilled at Ewha today. ate lunch at a really nice place, shopped a little and went on to have some PatBingSoo for dessert. shopped a bit more, browsed and walked leisurely back. it was nice. i do have a couple of assignments to do. but the thing about exchange is that assignments can wait. really. heh.

this is completely post worthy. people around me would know that i've been lamenting for mooncakes for weeks. going on and on about how i miss moon cakes really. i honestly wanted my parents to send some over, but the shipping costs really kills.. and just for moon cakes? :( i was really sad that i didn't get to have moon cakes. anyhow. i went over to Tiffy's room today because i felt like she needed some HOMEY LOVE. so i thought i'd go over and talk to her for a bit and i shared some of the green tea kitkat stash that Lynette's bf shipped over. talked about stuff and somehow got to mooncakes.. then she said that they had one mooncake that was supposed to be shared among 7 of them. it was from a fellow Singaporean who received it in a love package from home awhile ago.

I IMMEDIATELY STARTED GETTING OVERWHELMED AND DRAMATIC WHILE JACLYN WENT NEXT DOOR TO RETRIEVE IT FROM THE FRIDGE. :') :') she even asked if i wanted to cut it hahahahaha. and so i did. and i ate 1/8 of it.. then tiffy offered me her 1/8. i was really touched.

mooncakes are more than just the awesome biscuit crust and the pure white lotus paste. sometimes it really isn't about the contents, but the significance of it. mooncakes represents a kind of home memory for me. it is a representation of family, togetherness, a little part of my identity. 

and i have it yearly. frankly, i did have some before coming over. but it's different having it here. my yearning for it grew during Chuseok, which is the Korean equivalent of our Mid-Autumn Festival, where families come together and celebrate.

i expressed my desire for mooncakes a couple of times to my family over Skype. and they told me that not having it doesn't mean i haven't celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival.. and they would keep some for me so i can have it when i get back. i stopped bringing it up after that. lol.

and i had some fake mooncake that was being sold at a convenience store here. and i talked about it here. so having this real authentic mooncake was really :') for me. tiff instagramed me saying that i almost cried seeing the mooncake. technically speaking i didn't.. i just kept hitting her emotionally hahaha. yes, in all my dramatic-ness and expressiveness. it was a really nice end to my day. except now i've to go shower and start on my assignments... long day tomorrow again.

말할 수 없지만 기분이 너무 줗아. 진짜. *^^*

Korea, Throwback 4 September 2013; outing with a stranger

terrible hair, but our only group picture. so here it is.

4 September 2013:
i headed for Hongdae after class to meet Tiffany and the rest for BBQ at Haha's Restaurant. when i did, Tiff told me that Emily picked up a Singaporean stranger while they were getting out of the subway station. this guy was apparently here for a stopover/transit and he works as an air steward with SIA. and apparently, he overheard the girls speaking in English and so he asked them for directions. while the rest of his colleagues were catching up on sleep, he wanted to explore Korea for a bit because his daughters are huge Running Man fans and he intends on bringing his family over at the end of the year. so when he heard that we were going to Haha's restaurant, he asked if he could come along to see where it is. we ended up dining together and went on to have Patbingsoo nearby, exchanging stories and talking about education, kids, studying and the perspective of being a student/daughter. it was a funny feeling, meeting a fellow Singaporean, and knowing that he was flying in less than 24 hours time back home. just a short distance away from home. so near yet so far. strange feeling.

we shared a couple of common topics, like his location in Singapore and other people we know working in SIA. and we recommended a couple of other places to go. i was on my guard nonetheless. we were, after all, 6 girls in a foreign land. and this stranger comes along and randomly talks to us. adventures in Korea really. and he told us that his wife and daughter would probably never believe him when he tells them that he met 6 Singaporean girls in Korea, ate dinner and dessert with them and shared stories.

and i thought to myself, just more than a couple of times that day, it must be really comforting to know that he'll be back in the warmth of his home, to his family in a day or two. it must be such a warm feeling to know that he was going home.

Green Tea Pat Bing Soo

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Korea, Day 35; every end is a new beginning

Shrimp Pizza with Pumpkin-stuffed crust @ Mr. Pizza, Seoleung
i had my first 희식 (饭局) today. apparently it's a monthly thing i heard? i'm not sure. since we finished Do You Love Me for Girls' Kpop on Tuesday, instead of class, we went out to Mr Pizza to eat. i was a little late but fortunately bumped into 선생님 and a fellow classmate at a road junction. it was nice, despite the language barrier. i got used to not being able to understand half the things but still made a point to listen to try catching some topics. and i did. i know that they talked about being a singer, about marriage and giving birth (yes lol), and some other stuff.

선생님 also asked me while we were crossing the road, if i've danced before. i couldn't really understand until she brought up ballet. then i understood and told her yes i took ballet in the past, but also did Kpop Dance before coming to Korea. while eating and conversing with a classmate, she said that i was flexible.. in Korean, which i didn't understand. she google translated. *ㅋㅋ ^^' 선생님said i was good at stretching!! ㅋㅋㅋ and concluded that it was because i did ballet for 3 years in the past.... at that moment i decided that i will be more thankful that i took ballet in the past. heh. i honestly didn't think my flexibility was anything exceptional... SO IT'S NICE TO BE TOLD THAT. HEHEHE. :D

i threw in a couple more conversations when i could, sharing some experiences and stories that i've had here so far in my not very good Korean. it was really a good opportunity to finally talk to 선생님 and the classmates, since there really isn't time to talk to them during class apart from spare time sometimes. but i told 선생님 that i wanted to talk to her more. and i told her that i do understand when she explains sometimes. because i realized that she avoids making too much eye contact with me during class, perhaps she's afraid that i don't understand and she'll have problems translating. hahaha. she told me that i'm already talking to her a lot more than i used to and told me to listen and speak more Korean slowly. *^^* at least that's what i think she said. haha.

i'm also done with TeenTop's Rocking (like finally) and the crazy footwork. today really marks the end of the first month that i've been with Def, and it's been kinda a rollercoaster ride every week. initially being worried and depressed when i couldn't pick up any courage to speak to anyone there, since i started alone. then making a couple of friends and feeling over the moon when someone connects with me - mentally and on social media hehe. feeling excited when i manage to catch up, learn the steps and practice. feeling like crap when i can't. feeling accomplished when i'm done. like now. it's been exciting and rewarding, in spite of the constant muscle aches and body aches. i'm not kidding when i say that i have trouble climbing steps because of some thigh ache. ._.

a friend told me today that i'm constantly giving out vibes of being permanently tired on Tuesdays and Thursdays. it's good. Lynette tells me that i sleep very well on these nights. in her exact words, "you hug your penguin like that and never move at all."it's funny because i think i sleep better here than i did back at home. i only had insomnia twice or so since i've been here i think. it's like i'm constantly tired and drained. i don't even have sufficient time to do anything. i haven't even finish uploading my Hanbok pictures goodness. and my other pictures, blog about other Korea stuff, pack my room etc. i told a friend the other day that i don't even remember studying at all so far. of course i pay lotsa attention in class and i really love some of my classes but all i remember is practicing in the room or in the lounge with Lynette, or uploading pictures/blogging. we are out rather often too. YonkoJeon tomorrow and the day after. Church on Sunday. I FINALLY GET TO REST ON MONDAY. i hope. but i wanna polish up the dances then.. maybe finish some assignments. yes i have assignments. then we're heading to Jeju next week. my life is rather exciting.

back on topic, i'm looking forward to the next few months of rollercoasters dancing. i hope there'll be more ups than downs, more highs than lows. and i'm excited for the next song already. (:

it's 12.35am, Friday here. but blogger here is set to SG time still so i cheated by an hour so that this post will still be posted on Thursday. i honestly wouldn't have time to post before 12am korean time. ok going to sleep now. only had 5 hours of sleep last night and my day was packed today. shall go get some sleep before the early morning tomorrow again.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korea, Day 33; lost in translation

Dinner, Ton Katsu @ Kimbap Chon Gu, Seoleung (SGD$7.20)
today i was part of a double translation. a Chinese girl came to the studio today and apparently i'm the only person who could understand her.. and some Korean. i wound myself up at the reception counter with her trying to help her translate Chinese to my broken Korean until a friend of mine (who is versed in English and Korean, and some Chinese) came along and i immediately grabbed him and got him to help. so this happened. i would translate what she said from Chinese to English and he translated it from English to Korean for the receptionist. and then the other way round. never thought i'll ever be in such a situation but i was. my friend and i left for dinner subsequently and mused about how interesting it was.. double translation. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Korea, Day 32; learning never ends.


Lynette and I were on the subway to Gangnam today when an Ajjusshi sitting beside me walked in and sat beside me. i noticed him because he was holding on to an English book and had his phone lying inside the book while he read. i continued staring (i know it's rude but it's in English i really could not help myself) and realised it was a book about Prayer and Christianity. that drew me even further and i found myself reading over his shoulder. then i noticed that the Ajjusshi was translating certain English words with an app. words like 'affirmative', 'expertise'... word by word. he probably translated 6-7 words over the whole journey and was still on the same page over a few subway stations.

it was fascinating, impressive and moving all at once as i saw him poking the screen with one finger, typing a letter at a time.

how the desire to read the book and the desire for God's Word was stronger than the language barrier. 

whole lot of respect and admiration honestly. i couldn't help myself and wanted so badly to take a shot, but didn't want to be rude. so i drew my courage and spoke to him in Korean and told him how i felt and how i really admired him for studying English just for the book and asked if i could take a picture. 

he was really cute and even took out his spectacles and wore them for me... which i didn't manage to capture. my phone camera was kinda off for some reason so the pictures are a little blur and i was too embarrassed to take a clearer one or take more. i thanked him and we had a short conversation as he kept the book and asked where we were from. 

it was short as we reached Gangnam pretty soon and before we got off i asked if i could take a shot of the book and he kindly held it out for me. again, camera a little off so i have no idea why it's glowing. haha.

little things we learn everyday. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Korea, Day 28; Chuseok & Sunday Recap

Crossing the Han River
Sunday, 15 September 2013:
i woke up with a pain in my stomach, feeling tired and then homesick. it was worst knowing that it was my cousin's birthday and i really missed being at my grandma's place. Lynette was out with her LE partner and she asked if i wanted to come along. i told her maybe i'll join her later since i really was supposed to be at church. there was some event going on too but i honestly wasn't in any mood or state to socialise and be around strangers. it's funny because i was dying to make new friends just a few days ago and that day all i wanted to do was to crawl back into my comfort zone alone. so i texted my cell leader who was really nice about it and told me that i shouldn't stay alone. i thought about it and decided to drag myself out of the dorm and meet Lynette and her buddy.

got some directions from her and took a bus down to the area. after meeting them at a pizza place, we went shopping down the streets before going for dessert. and really, my mood lifted after retail therapying. *^^* and Lynette's buddy, Emily was so chirpy and nice i really felt much better. (:

we got to this dessert place called Sona and it was a really nice place serving a course of dessert for 21,000 won, which we split, so it was 7,000 won (S$9.40) a person. quite value for money if you'd ask me.

pretty fresh flowers on the table (:
Earl Grey Tea which comes with the set
molten chocolate cake covered with vanilla ice cream a whole lot of chocolate fudge and chocolate balls and melted chocolate from the top chocolate piece which melted from the chocolate fudge. REALLY CHOCOLATE HEAVEN.
the dessert tray.
the three desserts we picked!
after that, Emily had to leave for some school club meeting so we continued walking around and shopping a bit.

so we had a coupon for a complimentary salad with any order of a main course at VivaPolo (WHICH IS AN AWESOME AWESOME PLACE). so this is it. really good salad. with fresh oranges, tomatoes and broccolis. would be even better with mushrooms really.

Green Salad
Mushroom & Clam Soy Pasta, ₩10,000 (S$12)
the pasta was really, really good. mega tasty and so worth it! i was comparing with Pastamania where i'd get the tomyum pasta for about S$11.80 if my memory doesn't fail me. and it is as good in my opinion and the ambience is much better! i mean you get a street view from the second floor!!

VivaPolo, Pasta & Pizza
2nd Floor Bukang Building. 533-13 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Reservations at 02-548-7885

so it was really awesome because i wound up going back in a really good mood. like the world just became brighter and better and i was ready to explore Korea again. if i ever get homesick again imma hit some chocolate and desserts. hehehe.

19 September 2013:
Japaghetti for Lunch because everywhere else is closed.

not a very pretty sight and my first cooking experience in Korea so far. the noodles were nice but boring. just noodles and a sauce which tasted like a bland of Spaghetti sauce and Jajangmyeon sauce. which explains why it's called Japaghetti. anyhow, it's Chuseok today so most places are closed and so Lynette and I decided to stay in and cook. but after every single instant meal, i am reminded as to why i dislike processed and instant food so much. ._. always feel uncomfortable and slightly uneasy after having instant noodles or processed food.

we had actually planned to head for Lotte World today since we did Everland yesterday. but both of us are aching at the neck (thanks to T Express Rollercoaster yesterday) and my legs are also aching from dance. so we concussed this morning, missed our alarm and decided to sleep in and postpone Lotte World till tomorrow instead.

Chuseok, by the way, is apparently the Korean Mid Autumn Festival. but they don't have mooncakes. they have rice cakes of some sort instead i think. but i've been really wanting moon cakes so i spotted this at G25 a while back and bought it.

it doesn't really taste anything like mooncake and i was really sad. so i didn't even finish half of it, and threw it back into my pantry area. :( well at least it's only SGD$1.20..

it was more like a biscuity pastry skin and the interior was like red bean or some sweet stuff.. i don't know. but i really miss Green Tea Snowskin Mooncakes and the traditional Mooncakes with Green Tea Lotus filling inside. :(

anyhow, Chuseok is something like Mid-Autumn Festival, but the extent of celebration is very much like our Chinese New Year. i mean our holidays started from yesterday and it lasts till Friday. adding the weekends, we literally have a week of holiday. so we're taking this time to cover Everland, Lotte World, paying some sleep debt, finishing assignments, and clearing my backlog of pictures. yes, including those from Europe. and blogging. haha.

Imitation Mooncake ._. ₩1,000

so i'm glad that i'm done uploading most pictures, still maybe a little more for Europe: Nottingham and i'm still working on more things i'm learning about Korea. it's been an interesting journey so far and i feel like i've been learning more about not only Korea, but myself. strangely though, it's as though i've been hit by a sleeping bug but i've been so easily tired over here. may be the weather, may be my hectic schedules on Tuesdays and Thursdays and soon Wednesdays.. need to sleep more really.

alright i'm off to shower and sleep. since we're hitting Lotte World tomorrow.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Korea, Day 22; backlog.

13 Sept 2013: Dinner with Lynette & Alice
i actually wrote this i think one or two days back but i got fed up and tired so i posted the previous post instead. and this was stuck in my draft bin for awhile. this is a little more detailed so if you're interested go ahead. i'm kinda having a little headache now and feeling really sleepy and my muscles are aching (yes still). but there's something on at 12am later so i'm still awake for that. heading to Insadong tomorrow. okay that's all. before i go off, here is a quote that Suminzy included in the card they wrote for me. this was written on the cover of the card and it really encouraged me(: so let me thank Suminzy again. <3 <3, also, the card is really one of the most thoughtfully made card (i'm talking about handicraft now) i've ever received. really. <3
"no matter how much NEGATIVITY is thrown at you by others, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for you to stay put and partake in the decay they choose for their own lives. YOU decide how YOUR soul grows."
 - Dodinsky

i don't really know how to go about blogging about how things have been without rambling so let me just see where this goes. school started last week and ever since i've been trying to juggle my insane Tuesday and Thursday timetable, classes, dance and vocal classes, connecting to a local church and figuring out our way around Campus. yes, and trying to make some friends. maybe i'll get to that in a bit.

Tuesday and Thursday were really tiring for me last week and i just ended up recuperating on Wednesday and Friday because everything just seemed to demand a lot of energy from me. i guess i was also trying to readjust to the early mornings. i think i was zoning out for most of the time last week. so Tuesday this week, i picked up coffee and a scone at the cafe nearby to start my day and it really helped me get through my insane timetable. for a little background here, my day starts with 9am classes till 3pm, with no breaks in between. then i will rush off for an hour's journey to Gangnam area for dance/vocal classes till about 9pm or 10pm, depending. so i'll get back home at 10pm or 11pm and sometimes i join Lynette for gym. (which i did last week Thursday because i felt like i wasn't worked out enough).

it's funny because i thought i'd be super worked out but i didn't feel any aches last Wednesday and i didn't feel like i sweat much either. i guess i forgot that my muscle aches are always a day late. ._. well. the song we're doing has some crazy footwork involved and 선생님 doesn't speak a word of English. and it's pretty fast. so i couldn't catch up and ended up spending two days with Lynette learning the dance in our room. since i'm at this let me just say, i love my roomie.

i actually left the studio last Thursday in a really terrible mood because i couldn't catch up and i felt like no one could understand anything i was saying, even when i tried to speak to him. i teared up because i was really upset. then i texted Lynette, who was waiting for me to get back to gym together. i told her that i had nobody to talk to during class. and she said "Talk to me!". by the time i got back to the dorm i was in a much better mood though. maybe it was walking back in the cold alone from Sinchon, maybe. (:

and then she heard me rant before we went to run together. (she ran i walked lol). my awesome roomie then said that she wanted to check out the dance. before i knew it, we spent a couple of days analysing and learning it together. (Lynette is secretly talented). AND I MASTERED IT :') so that was huge for me. well it also secured me days of muscle aches. and i've been aching for a very long time. before i can recover i've got class again and i'm aching somewhere else. i guess it's a good thing. i know it sounds a little morbid but it's a very comfortable ache. HAHA. i like feeling the aches. even though i limp a little a times but it's nice. haha.

should move away from such posts and do some food-related post instead. kthxbye~

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Korea, Day 21; don't lose yourself.

11 Sept 2013: Dinner with Cell (: (Beef Tofu Stew)
"sometimes you're just gonna have to put yourself out there and talk to people. no one is going to just walk away if you try talking to them."
i've so many things i want to share and remember in my journey so far. but there's only so much time and so much energy sometimes. summing up the past week or so, i've been frustrated with the language barrier exceptionally during dance lessons. and Koreans are generally quite intimidating, initially i think. so i met Esther, a Korean-Australian who happens to stay down the corridor on my floor, at church on Sunday. and i spoke to her about the troubles i was having. and that is what she told me. and so i did. probably one of the best advice i've gotten together with people telling me to just be friendly, i resolved to change how i looked at things.

and things have really been looking up for me early this week as i started to approach things in a different perspective, different attitude. (:

i've also learnt that there are so many people in the world, and i can't let anyone put me down so easily. because i stand by what i believe in, and i believe and take responsibility in my own decisions.

i've learnt to stop investing my emotions in people who aren't important, or not important anymore. meeting people from all over the world and interacting with so many new people has really taught me that we can't please everyone and everyone is different. some people will accept you for who you are, some won't. and that's just how it is. treasure the ones who will and walk away from those who won't.

and never lose yourself in the midst of holding on to anything, except God maybe. but never lose yourself in trying to please anyone. and as i've learnt in Strategic Management here in Yonsei, deciding what not to do is equally important as deciding what to do. we have to know what we will never compromise on.

okay i'm actually really tired right now but i really feel like i had to get this out so i'm sorry if i don't really make any sense. and, on a side note, i made the most unexpected friend from dance class on Tuesday. feeling really thankful. OK before i get more rambly i shall end here.

good night<3

take me as i come or watch me as i go.

Monday, September 9, 2013

7 September 2013: Gyeongbokgung Palace 경복궁

The weather has chilled quite a bit as compared to the first week we've been here. so we were quite glad that we finally toured Gyeongbokgung Palace later than most of our friends, since we were still in the sun quite a lot while walking around. it was a really really beautiful place nonetheless and we caught a few filming locations for Rooftop Prince and Princess Hours ^^. we also chanced upon plenty of events and happenings going on. it's either we're really lucky or places other than Singapore really has a lot of happening things going on every weekend. 

There was some Kimchi Festival/Event going on that Saturday and they had a whole display of the various kinds of Kimchis and the huge jars (i'm sure there's a better term for this but i don't know what it is) that is used to store and age the Kimchis. so we also met some Kimchi Mascots and they were SO CUTE. in particular the Cabbage. yes. the Cabbage was really ultimately cute. Lynette and I still talk about The Cabbage even two days after and we always laugh when we think about it.. or him.. hahahaha. assumption that it is a guy, because i'm pretty sure girls wouldn't do the things that he did seriously.

Plenty of pictures after the cut. mega image heavy and i'll try to have little explanations after some images. and introduce The Cabbage. hahahaha. even the word Cabbage is really cute. lol. and meeting The Cabbage really meant something because i actually had quite a horrid morning that day. i was scolded by some Ajjusshi at some bakery near where we stay. it was horrible and almost ruined my mood for the rest of the day. even throughout the day i would turn to Lynette and tell her how horrible i was feeling. but i felt ten times better after we saw The Cabbage because he is SUPER FUNNY. ok i will stop going on about The Cabbage. you will find him in the images below and maybe i'll talk a little more.

that aside, talking a little bit more about Gyeongbokgung Palace, i briefly read up about the place before we headed down and it turns out that the Palace suffered a bad a fire in its history (which is probably the reason for the numerous.. i mean NUMEROUS fire extinguishers that we saw in the compound. and i'm talking about like ten in one area.)/ it also had a little history with the Japanese Occupation and is apparently one of the most beautiful palaces in South Korea. it was really big and i'm not sure if we managed to cover the whole place but we were really hungry after walking for a couple of hours already and it was almost 3pm by the time we got out to look for food. yes, there isn't much food in the place. except for a cafe serving.. cafe food. 

the admission fee is 3,000won and it was well worth it. i'm thinking of returning in the Fall and getting a few pretty Autumny shots since there really is a lot of green area there.

i have picked out 30+ shots out of around 300 shots from the trip to post here so these are really quite summarised and are really shots that i like.. exception of some. and i still had to remove some that i really liked because i didn't want the post to be filled with images.

we also came across a performance in the area after having lunch at a Bibimbap restaurant which was near King Sejong's Statue. and stumbled into a really inspiring cake place which serves really awesome cake and tea. ok it was a really nice day other than the morning so i'm quite happy (:

Monday, September 2, 2013

12 Days in Korea: Random Things I've Learnt about Korea #1

continued from: 12 Days in Korea
note: photos are not edited because i simply don't have the time. so i'm sorry for dark photos or stuff. :(

Random Things I've Learnt about Korea #1
1. Paris Baguette here have differing prices at different locations/outlets
:O :O I KNOW RIGHT. i only realised it when i happen to zoom into a random sausage pastry doing the movie digest so i happen to remember how much it was and was shocked to see it cheaper at the outlet outside SK Global. i subsequently went into random outlets at different places while traveling and found them all at different prices!!! you would think that chains like Paris Baguette would have uniform prices and stuff just like BreadTalk or something but that isn't the case here! i'm guessing the higher the traffic area the more expensive it is? or maybe nearer to schools would be cheaper? i have no idea. but let me show you:
At Sincheon
Outside SK Global
they are exactly the same but 500won different in price! and i'm sorry for the funny sizes i had to screenshot a video for one of the images. and i took picture of the one at SK Global on purpose to make sure that my memory wasn't lying to me. and i checked! it varies all over the place. at least from what i've seen. i've seen like 1900 or 2000 or something. they're all different?? yes. shocker for me at least.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

12 Days in Korea.


so i've been intending to post since forever but there seems to be a never ending list of things to do and i somehow can never get around to accomplishing them for some reason. and i'm actually rather hungry right now but my roomie is still asleep (it's 1340 here in Korea right now) and i'm undecided between waiting for her to get up to have lunch or going down and grabbing something and possibly working downstairs or somewhere around the area.. it's a little hard to post or get down to work when you're hungry really :< but it's one and a half week since i've been in Korea and i don't want to forget where i've been and what i've done and all the interesting things i've seen and the realisations that have come across me over the time i've been here so far. so i'm going to start making some lists of things i have to do, things i need to post about and rubbish like that. cos i work better with lists.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Korea: Day 1

hellooo. so i'm posting from Korea right now and i actually have so much to say but i don't really know where to begin. or rather, there's so much that i'm kinda lazy and unmotivated to post. BUT, these are memories that i know i want to remember and i don't exactly have a very good memory so.. trying to make the effort to post!

so we flew on 21st August night and i really want to thank everyone who came down to send me off :') i was really touched and i'm sorry that i couldn't talk to everybody for more than awhile. but i was really touched. and those who made the effort to text or wished me a safe journey. thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. and thanks for the gifts really. they were really thoughtful - especially that guide to Korea. (@Minzy) i couldn't have asked for more. and... i honestly want to post up all the farewell shots here. but i absolutely cringe looking at them because my skin was totally flushed :( and it happened again today from a particular sunblock which left me with red flushes on my skin. i'll see what i can do about it. oh well.

so Lynette and I flew rather smoothly to Seoul.. besides the fact that i may have dropped Tiff's letter on Malaysian Airlines on our second flight. :( i've sent them an email and am waiting for a reply. but otherwise, the flight was good. i actually got an empty seat next to me on the second flight so Lynette came over to sit. i was actually feeling quite overwhelmed and blessed throughout the journey so i wasn't as bothered by the turbulence that was going on. there was honestly quite horrible turbulence on the flight to Incheon and we slept for about 4 hours. at least i did. caught some pretty sunrise of some sort and successfully got our luggages which btw, my beautiful white luggage was scratched and dented. but that's okay. transferred my gift bag to my longchamp for safety purposes and seeing the matching stuff made me happy. haha.

so we headed off for the airport shuttle. just both of us cos apparently the rest wanted to take a cab of some sort. the trip was 10,000 and about an hour. comfortable ride. but it was tough getting up to SK Global House because of the slopes and my luggage was 33kg. yes. it was mad heavy and it was super hot. pushing that with my bagpack was horrible. but we checked in soon enough and spent awhile chilling in the room to cool down. unpacked and did up the room before showering and going for lunch at Global Plaza which is directly beside SK Global House. the Korean food at Crazy Brown was rather disappointing - Spicy Beef Soup without beef in it.. yes. 

anyway, we attempted heading out after lunch but the weather was unforgiving and Lynette was not feeling very well. probably the lack of sleep on the plane and the horrible weather. so both of us were quite tired and just feeling horrible. decided to head back to rest before going out when the sun goes down.

so we left in the evening for the main Sincheon area and wandered around looking for Daiso (i had googled while Lynette was sleeping and found a few in the area but googlemaps isn't fantastic really). so we just walked around and then randomly asked a kind Korean lady who showed us the place which was just around the corner from where we were. picked up our necessities and stuff for the room before heading for dinner which was just round the bend from Daiso and is one of our favourite places to eat now. (because it's cheap and good and the ajummas can speak Chinese *^^*)

so that sums up Day 1 really quick. i haven't been too motivated to post as of yet. posting such what-i-did-today can be rather mundane and boring after awhile. unless there's something that's i feel really compelled to share then maybe i'll blog about it specifically. like when we finally settled our phones yesterday and met two really, really, really nice staff. very very helpful.

this is my first time in Korea and i've been here for almost a week i suppose. i've had a lot of thoughts and feelings from being here, away from my friends and family. learning more about myself. all of these which i think are probably more meaningful to talk about than what-i-did-today. so i'm just finishing up this post and maybe i'll be able to talk about something else the next time i post.

oh and yes. enjoy the pictures. this is also a place for me to pin down my memory somewhere i suppose. (:


Stopover at KL

really pretty clouds

A Random Snowflake 
scattered clouds
I noticed the cables against the skies and had a little taste of Seoul for that moment. 
very Koreanish atmosphere eatery

Meat Mandu
Tofu Stew
Tuna Kimbap ^^