Saturday, January 5, 2013

Apple Cinnamon Macarons

(very overdue post)

as i type, there's a last batch of my cinnamon macaron cookies in the oven. but there were too many observations so far and i need to write them down before i forget.

before i go on, I SHALL DEDICATE THIS POST... to my fellow baker/ avid ice-cream maker friend who is a huge fruit person and has been asking me to try fruity flavors in my macarons for the longest time. i hereby promise that if the macarons mature well, i will deliver. ^^

although he.. and many other of my friends probably don't know of this place... lol.. BUT IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS NO? :)

ok so. i under folded my macaronage today and realized my mistake after pipping half the batter. so i actually fixed the second half.

the first half of the macaronage was clearly more stiff and held it's piped shape after piping rather than settling down into a nice, flat round shape, even after resting. after baking, it also rose a lot more than usual, resulting in a puffed appearance. it still had feet, but a lot less than the batch after.

the second half of the macaronage settled into a nice flat round shape during resting. it rose as well but was a lot less domed than the first half - not completely flat and still had a little roundness to it.

the last batch in the oven now, having rested the most and probably deflated the most (they were the last bit from the piping bag and subject to more torment before being piped), have a more even surface, still round and have nice evident feet. very nice and round.

now. my question is - which should we be aiming to achieve?

(will only update with recipe if i attempt this again.)

i referred to my past few macaron posts and it seems that it's the last batch that should be the ideal shape. looks prettier too i guess.


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  2. The macarons look great! Did you bake these macaron with the Rowenta oc7891 oven?