Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Milestone - Birthday Cupcakes

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to call this a milestone. *^^* but i just completed my very first cupcake order yesterday and i was feeling super mega happy because i was initially unsure of how it would turn out. but i was seriously mega pleased with them and after realising how pretty it looks i did a little dance in the kitchen and my dad was amused. lol. i really felt like a proud mom or something. they are sooo simple and pretty!!

btw, these are dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate letterings (:

so i really have to thank Mel for giving me this opportunity to attempt this.
(Hi Mel if you're reading this, thank you for believing in me lol. and i'm really glad that your friends enjoyed them!)

honestly i never intended to sell cupcakes or do anything else other than Kueh Lapis during Chinese New Year. i never really thought i would take on anything else because i am aware that there are many other alternatives out there. but i love baking and was honestly excited to be able to attempt decorating (on top of frosting). so when she texted me one day asking if i could do this specific design, i was thrilled yet a little unsure. i had the steps and idea of how to get around doing it in my head but actualisation was another thing ^^'. thank goodness it turned out exactly how i imagined it to be, better actually. and i feel much more prepared to take on any other baking challenges that come my way!

i had courageously tweaked the recipe a little and made my own frosting concoction to reduce the sweetness drastically (as compared to the previous frostings). i was initially afraid that the frosting won't hold without sufficient icing sugar but it turned out fine and i really love how evident the cream cheese taste is. the cupcake was awfully fudge-y out of the fridge and still light and fluffy at the same time.

(on a side note, such cupcakes taste a lot better cold because chilling actually brings the cupcake together, make them slightly firmer (less crumbly) and i believe it allows the flavor to infuse within the cake. which is why i always chill them, or sometimes, freeze them even.)

and i was mad glad to hear that everyone loved the cupcakes and had second helpings :').
i was really touched and it honestly made my day to know that people actually enjoy what i made. :') :')

so these are the extras from yesterday. i couldn't help myself and had two yesterday and one today. since i made extra chocolate letters as backups yesterday, i used them as well. and for fun i did mini hearts. hehe. shared some with PC people, kept the rest for the parents and myself and i had one for breakfast this morning and i know it sounds incredulous and a tad BYL but i had wanted a second one for myself. ^^'

will definitely be making these more often for my own indulgence hehe (:

oh and, yes - these are now open for customisation and orders along with pineapple tarts and Kueh Lapis this coming CNY. just drop me an email!

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