Saturday, March 16, 2013

Aglio Olio

This has been my staple for the past couple of days. I don't always use roast pork, most of the time i use canned tuna and it is extremely flavourful together with the sweet cherry tomatoes. my ingredients vary with what's in the fridge and this is considered a version with a lot of ingredients *^^* extremely simple to prepare and put together. 

also, i don't season my Aglio Olio because of the type of meat i use. The canned tuna i use sufficiently salts the dish and roast pork is already quite salty. so i don't season at all. sometimes i'll throw in some dried oregano or basil or things like that because i do have some spice bottles in the kitchen. but keeping it simple, i don't. 

also, i don't always have white button mushrooms in the fridge so i use shitake mushrooms (those which needs to be soaked beforehand) and they taste just as fine, if not, better.

And this is how i do it ^^':

pardon the bad pictures, the garlic was about to burn and i couldn't take another picture ^^'

Aglio Olio  Serves 1


A bunch of Angel Hair Spaghetti (you can use any kind of pasta really, but i've found that Angel Hair works the best)
Bell pepper (use any colour you like, i usually use 2-3 slices and chop them up)
2 White button mushrooms
4 Cherry tomatoes
1 Chili padi 
A spoon of minced garlic
Roast Pork (or any kind of meat. i sometimes use half a can of Tuna)
Olive oil


  1. Cook Angel Hair spaghetti for 3 minutes in a pot of boiling water with a dash of oil and salt. When ready, drain and set aside. (i don't really drain, but twirl them up with a fork onto the plate i'm going to be eating it on)
  2. Prepare other ingredients: Remove stem of mushrooms and slice. Halve the tomatoes. Chop up the 2 slices of bell pepper.
  3. Heat some olive oil in a pan.
  4. Add garlic and chili and fry till fragrant just before it browns.
  5. Add all other ingredients.
  6. Cook well. (I TOSS IT LIKE A CHEF HEHE)
  7. Add spaghetti and toss it like a chef :D
  8. Serve.

Twirly Wirly Comfort Food

Clearly, i'm not a very good food photographer. @>.< but i try. :D

I've actually been cooking my own lunch for the past couple of days but never had the time to blog about it. Since my parents are out of town now, I decided to post what I cook these days since there are more opportunities to do so. Also, my BFF has officially moved to Australia to study and has mentioned that i should post simple easy to cook dishes so she can cook over there with her friends. so here goes! some comfort food to start with.

My own meals are simple and serve one. So i adjust them specifically to my own preference.

Doesn't those look like macaroni? THEY'RE NOT! i was deceived. they are actually called curls. yes they actually have double curls. twirly wirly. But they're close enough so it doesn't bother me. (: I served this with a side of roast pork which mom bought last night for my cooking as well. i usually cook them with the soup but apparently this roast pork is really awesome with it's crispy skin (it is EXTREMELY crispy) so i decided to serve it separately. so i basically used whatever i have in the kitchen which makes the soup and stuff inside mostly vegetables. this is vegetarian worthy! and it really is a lot easier than it seems. it is just preparing the ingredients, dumping it with the stock and cooking them altogether. okay enough rambling. i really am rambling. goodness.

Twirly Wirly Soup (Serves 1)


Some Twirly Wirlys (or Curls, if you rather call them that but that reminds me of hair curls so i rather dissociate them. ^^) (Replace with macaroni or rice noodles or any other kind of noodles you like)
1/2 Carrot
1 Dried Shitake Mushroom
2 Bunches of Xiao Bai Cai (any other kind of vegetable such as cabbage is fine as well)
Chicken Stock (I used ~1/3 of the 200ml packet)
Water (about half the amount of the chicken stock)
Sliced small red onions
Chopped garlic
2 cubes of clam essence*
Spring onion & parsley if desired


  1. Bring some water to a boil together with a dash of olive oil and salt. Add the Twirly Wirlys. Cook for 10 minutes. Once it is done, drain and set aside.
  2. While that cooks, prepare ingredients: Soak the dry mushroom beforehand. Chop garlic and slice onions. Put aside. Wash and chop the vegetable of choice to bite-sized. 
  3. Peel and wash the carrot. Slice it in length-wise into half and chop into bite-sized. 
  4. Once the mushroom is soft, snip off the stem and slice it up (i find using a scissors is more effective).
  5. Heat a pan. Add a dash of oil. Before pan smokes, add onions and garlics. Fry till fragrant. Before it browns, add stock, water, carrots and mushroom. Bring to a boil. Add 2 dashes of pepper. Add clam cubes.
  6. Boil until carrots are soft. 
  7. Before serving, add vegetables. Wait a couple of minutes till vegetable softens.
  8. Turn off the heat and pour into bowl with Twirly Wirlys.
  9. Serve with spring onion and parsley
Notes to Recipe (NTR)
[1] If using rice noodles, skip step 1. Soak the rice noodles for a couple of minutes in some water till soft, drain, then add after step 8.

[2] The *clam essence mentioned is something my mom prepares and keeps in the ice tray. i honestly have no idea how she does it so go ahead and skip this or replace with anything similar if you like.

[3] Here is a meatless version because i served bought roast pork separately. To add meat, i would fry them after the onions and garlics, remove after cook. Continue the rest of the steps and add the meat back together with the vegetables just before serving.

[4] There is a lot of eyeing involved, which is why i really am unable to provide exact measurements. I eye, and taste. After awhile, i am able to eye without tasting. it takes practice and experience really. 

[5] The ratio of water to stock is up to you. if you prefer a tastier soup base, add slightly more stock. prefer a lighter version, add more water or less stock. I would say add lesser stock to start and adjust the ratio accordingly.