Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Instagram & Skin Updates

I'm barred from baking, according to my parents. and so i decided to do some other updates instead, or my next food post would be ages away. i was tempted to do some green tea macarons yesterday for the sweetie who asked me about green tea powder but the weather was absolutely unforgiving and the haze was so horrible. the macarons may not have dried well anyway. so i decided not to. and.. i was kind of nursing a mild flu. or some sort of allergy thanks to the haze. so i just lazed around at home. lol.

SO here's an update about my life so far.. with Instagram photos before my pictures are replaced with prettier better quality pictures by Baby G....

YES. so i finally parted with my $500 (+++) and snagged myself a Canon Powershot G15. :') meet Baby G. i will now (hopefully) be more motivated to take chioer food pictures and be able to do an awesome record of my upcoming Europe and Korea adventures *twirls* hehehehe.

I also picked up a pair of extremely glittery shoes which I had been eyeing on the Prettyfit site for awhile now. they were originally USD50+? but i got them on GSS at 30% off. how pretty are these!!!! i am a shoe addict. a little. i think.

Kimbap *^^*. I've been making Kimbap rather frequently recently because they're so easy to put together once you've got ingredients on hand. the only thing that really needs to be cooked is the egg. i sometimes sizzle the other ingredients (e.g. carrot, crabstick) on the pan to soften and heat them. otherwise, i just pop them in the steamer while i steam the rice. mad easy ^^

I also recently had dinner with two of my favouritest people <3 <3 i have really pretty friends *^^*

to those who have been concerned about my skin, thank you(: my skin is actually a lot better now. i know, i can feel that it isn't clogged any longer, the surface is relatively smooth and i have very few active spots left, and even those are healing. even so, it looks much healthier and happier somehow.

but yknow what bugs me still. when people whom may not have noticed earlier suddenly notice now and start to ask me or give me advice. or maybe someone whom i haven't met in awhile or something. and they try to give me advice... but it's already at healing stage to me and it's like STOP TELLING ME TO GO SEE THAT DOCTOR YOU KNOW. and they claim how awesome the doctor is and how popular he or she is...

... but honestly, after 4 dermatologists, i can almost confidently say that different doctors work for different people because they have varying approaches. my derm isn't known for skin (i tried googling). he is a GP with certifications in dermatology as well. but why can he offer me a better solution than my past dermatologists (who are specialists and appear in Google search engines)? it's not about finding the best dermatologist (even though that probably helps). but the most important thing is being able to trust the derm, and knowing that the derm really does bother to help you and doesn't prescribe like some generic medication to anyone, but what's most suitable for you at the moment....

so then i go on to secretly screaming in my head that it is already ten times better seriously and it's been like that for a few months already can you just chill seriously. i have to repeat the same thing over and over again.

"i am already on medication."
"i'm taking antibiotics."

as in it comes to a point that i'm not even offended or annoyed that they are staring at my skin anymore, but just annoyed that i have to say and explain OVER AND OVER AGAIN. golly.

which is why i'm starting to play with my makeup again. i am using MakeupForever Mat Velvet + Foundation in 30 (Porcelain) which strangely matches me despite being so pale looking in the bottle? and looking like a far cry from my MakeupForever HD Foundation in 117.

the Mat Velvet+ is a lot drier and matte as compared to the HD and is oil-free and non-comedogenic. which is why i use it instead of my usual HD.

ok rants aside.

here's a tip for people who are about to or undergoing treatment with Epiduo, or any other treatment. really. give it at least, 6-8 weeks. the real improvement comes only then.

Week 1 for me with the Dalacin T really calmed my skin. but Week 2 onwards saw bad breakouts (surfacing of all the acne). It took Week 3 and 4 for it to calm, while the number of spots appearing would decrease. Week 5 and 6 i still had some active spots but it was visibly clearing up. I am past Week 6 now and it will be Week 7 for me on Thursday and i have very few active spots left. just a lot of hyper-pigmentation going on which may mislead the unobservant to comment. when they don't notice, that it is actually already healing. if i've foundation on, no one would be able to tell much. i think. lol.

so updates about my medication. the derm gave me one more month of Doxycycline (that would be my second month), and threw in some gastric pills - free - despite my protests because i complained of nauseousness. i refused the pills because i wanted to limit my intake of medication since i'm already taking pills daily. then i asked him if i could take alcohol while being on antibiotics. he started on about how alcohol can worsen gastric, looked at me for a moment then went on to say that he will give me the gastric pills FOC. "just-in-case." thankful for my derm. (:

he also prescribed me Retin-A which is a stronger version of Epiduo to help with the cell renewal and whatnot. so i use it at night now, while i use Epiduo in the day. it is however, a topical version of Tretinoin, which is similar to the oral medicine Accutane. so i'm a little concerned and will ask him about that the next time i see him. it's quite different from Epiduo in terms of texture and looks. Retin-A has a transparent gel-like texture while Epiduo is a white opaque cream. and Retin-A really stings, and disappears really quickly into my skin before i have enough time to spread it around. so i work with it in small amounts and small areas at a time.

i believe (from what i read and what i ask from my derm) that such creams actually works this way; they are very similar to exfoliation. Epiduo (and i think Retin-A) actually help increase cell regeneration. we have 7 layers of skin. what the cream does is to help bring up the layers of skin quicker (since our skin does renew on its own) to clear clogged pores from within and push up any potential pimple. this explains the initial breakout. and subsequently since it constantly helps to renew the skin, it helps to fade hyper-pigmentation and acne scars or discolouring or stuff like that. just that it may take some time - as all skin treatment.

however, i asked my derm why the cream didn't clear me when i used it once a day early this year. (i now use it twice a day). it seems that the cream was not working fast enough to clear the pimples forming. i would think so. it's a guess/ a little of my own theory anyway and i have also accepted that they may not be any clear answers or reasons behind acne. i mean come on if i knew i would be making big bucks right.

so anyhow, by such exfoliation, Epiduo also helps prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores and so discourages the formation of acne. since it helps in skin renewal, it is also actually a form of anti-ageing cream. some people don't approve of prolong usage of skin medicine in general but i would believe that it is actually similar to using and having skincare (of any type). i mean if skincare is absolutely necessary for everybody eventually somehow or another, i don't see why this can't be used in place of, or together with the commercial marketed products. well this is just a theory.

i have many theories.

like everyone should wear a mask in the haze nowadays.

ok that's all!

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