Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Macarons & The Best Macaron: Forrey & Galland Chocolatier

i apologise again to those who have emailed me during the period 26/06/13 - 13/07/13. i went traveling in Europe before ending at Nottingham to attend my brother's graduation. which explains my late responses.

i have also been insanely jetlagged (it is almost 1am since i am reediting and working on this post right now.) and fighting with some extremely severe stomach cramps with some gastric. so much so that i called in sick for work yesterday (Wednesday). honestly the cramps left me wondering if i was going to die because i couldn't walk properly and after the doctor's i took some pills which i think i am allergic to and i ended up being terribly nauseous, unable to focus and almost in hallucination (i don't know how to describe it.. white flashes of light when i turn my head and severe giddiness). it was so bad i threw up after i got home from tuition that night. ah well.

so it has really been awhile (it feels) since i posted something more food-related. i had wanted to blog about my Europe trip in general but since this is, more of a baking blog (i realised it evolved somewhere along the way lol), i decided to post about the best macaron i tried (in my life thus far). this is really my own opinion and what satisfied my tastebuds the most. and i had also tried Pierre Herme in Paris as well as Laduree in England (somehow i never spotted it in Paris) but i saw many in England.

Also, for a fair comparison, i usually go straight for the salted caramel macaron. they are usually the classics among the various brands. in my opinion Forrey & Galland had the best salted caramel macaron i ever tasted, but they disappointed me with their chocolate macaron. then again, it's hard to go wrong or different with a chocolate macaron. i tried a limited few given that my time in Dubai was short and i was really tired between the flight transits.

I actually got them at the Dubai Airport, Terminal A. they were just a little over the counter booth thing in the middle of a gifts&chocolate souvenir shop which sold nuts as well. never heard of them, but i was on a trip to Europe and i literally grabbed every opportunity to try any macaron that i saw.

both my parents and i agreed that this was really good. it is actually, the only salted caramel macaron thus far that i concede is superior to mine *thick-skinned* heh. get this. the macaron shell is still crispy on the outside but soft inside, and it is subtly sweet, not overbearing and leaving the sweetness to come from the filling. the caramel filling is really really fragrant (how on earth did they get the filling so fragrant?!) and the texture is perfect. if you can see, it's almost transparent and they are generous with the filling which is really important in my opinion! i cannot understand macarons which are very kiam with the fillings because that really is the star of the macaron. even after taking a bite, the macaron stays firm and holds in place. i really wonder how they cooked the caramel.

PS. if you realize, my nails here are still mega pretty and the polish is still intact.. wait till you see the photos to the end of the trip. my nails are so cui now. need to repaint them asap. ^^'

a close-up shot with my Canon.

Laduree: London

I decide to lump Laduree together with Forrey & Galland in one post because i really don't have much to say about it and i only tried two. i also had this the day right when we landed and i was really tired (try being jetlagged and plane shagged AND touring altogether). so i really apologise for the pictures that may look slightly awkward. i will blog about Pierre Hermes in a separate post just because i did get like 6 or something? a box of them and would probably have a little more to say about them.

just comparing caramel with caramel, i picked up the salted caramel macaron from Laduree the moment i spotted it in London. which was pretty soon actually. in fact, i saw more Laduree outlets in London than i saw in Paris. actually, i didn't even see any Laduree stores in Paris despite spotting people carrying bags of it around. i must have missed it somewhere. anyhow, the salted caramel macaron was really disappointing as compared to the one we tried in Dubai. i don't quite remember how it tastes right now so perhaps it's not very fair to do a detailed taste comparison but i vaguely remember it being a sweet mess and i wasn't very keen on finishing it. the caramel just wasn't as fragrant as the one from Dubai.

i like lemons. so i tried the lemon macaron from Laduree. again it was pretty sweet and the lemon flavour was rather subtle for my liking. i was looking for something that was maybe a little more tangy.

i was completely disinterested after the first bite and made my brother finish the rest. i may be wrong, so maybe i'll try out the local Laduree some day. but right now i cannot understand why it is labelled the best macaron store. after Pierre Hermes that is.

So yes. that is about all i have to say about Laduree. my point was really the best macaron i had in Dubai and it was so awesome that on the journey back, despite the horrible flights and transits (we were actually stuck in flight delay due to the plane that caught fire at the Heathrow Airport and our flight was delayed for 2 hours, followed by a like 10 hour flight to Dubai or something.), i actually was determined to buy a box back. but it turned out to be at another terminal and yes, we took a skytrain in that gigantic Dubai airport just to get to Terminal A to get a box of those. they only came in like 8 16 and not 6 and 12. so i actually got 8 of them.
6 salted caramels, 1 rose and 1 funny tasting i have no idea what it is flavour. it actually tastes like curry. maybe i'll write about that another time. oh yes i also saw Wasabi macarons.. in Paris.

for now, this is all. still editing my Europe pictures and getting everything in place. i wish i could do a proper complete post but this will have to do! i do have quite a lot i want to share but i just need the time to sit down and write - which i am lacking. my weeks are packed and i have to start packing for Korea and have to do my Korean Visa and pack my room and finish my Europe pictures and blog about the Europe trip and my skin and go see my dermatologist and attend 21st parties and finish distributing gifts from Europe... you get my gist. so yes. (:

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