Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pierre Herme Macarons

so i actually managed to shamelessly take many, many shots of their macarons while i was browsing and waiting for my turn inside. strangely enough they didn't stop me, i secretly think they closed an eye since i did it in a rather discrete manner. my mom however, was stopped the moment she tried to get a shot of me in the middle of transaction. lol.

i really love how the macarons are displayed and place. here's a little food for thought, pun completely intended; do you know why macarons are stored in this manner, and not laid flat on its shell? honestly it's only professionalism that they store macarons in this manner. yet i do see cafes or places which sell macaron (some even atas i.e. high-class places), storing their macarons on the shell. like literally placing it flat and it absolutely peeves me. :<

for a very simple reason; macarons are yummy for their crunchy shell but chewy centre. the shells after baked are completely dried out and actually crispy like cookies. what gives them the chewiness is its fusion with the filling. which is why after filling, it is said that they key is to store them for 24 hours int he fridge after filling before consumption to ensure the optimal fusion - i.e. for the moisture from the filling to be absorbed by the shell, giving you that nice chewiness. the longer the filled macarons are stored, the softer the macaron will be eventually.

by storing them on their sides, the moisture from the filling will be able to be fuse evenly between the two shells rather than seeping into one shell more than the other.

once, i actually told a store guy (somewhere in Changi Airport) that they shouldn't display/store the macarons in that manner and explained why. they were gracious about it and agreed and said that they understood but they left it as it was, weeks after i returned. ._. totally cannot understand.

this, by the way is 37 euros. why is it stored this way? i have no idea. i'm guessing it's too big to be stored any other way.

so i got us 7 macarons - weird number actually. i thought they would come in 6 or 8. oh well 7 is the number of perfection. (: they actually had another anniversary packaging which costs alot more. legit paying for the box but i mean i didn't see a point obviously. so i went with the classic packaging.

Right to left: Chocolate Passionfruit, Chocolate, Jasmine, Raspberry, Lemon, Salted Caramel, Citron+Fruit?

The chocolate, was just chocolate. Again, it's hard to go wrong with chocolate, so it's hard to impress with it too i would think. nothing extraordinary. tasted like.. chocolate. lol.

it may be because i'm not a chocolate fan much myself. but my mom is. and all she said was, tastes like chocolate. lol. nothing extraordinary.

The salted caramel was okay. i'm not a fan of cream fillings. and it's weird because i'm more used to the actual caramel being the filling rather than it being incorporated into a cream.

The chocolate passionfruit tasted like chocolate and passionfruit. as in these flavours honestly didn't wow me or anything. they tasted like what they said they were. which isn't a bad thing. but it wasn't exceptionally impressing. what was impressing and somewhat interesting however, were the flavours i tried the next day..

The raspberry literally had a berry sandwiched inside. if i don't recall wrongly it's yoghurt and raspberry. pretty nice. 

ah the lemon and yoghurt. i was quite excited for this because i like almost anything lemon. and lemons are sour right? so they're supposed to balance out the sweetness from the macaron. well this didn't do quite that. it wasn't bad. it was interesting. my brother said they tasted like dishwashing liquid. lol. like Mama Lemon. after he told me that i felt like i was going to blow bubbles right out of my mouth after taking a bite. lol.

This is actually my favourite. and the one that left the most impression on me. Jasmine. well maybe it's cos i'm a flower person and i honestly didn't expect the jasmine flavor to be strong enough. like a very subtle hint of jasmine yknow. but to my surprise, the flavour was overwhelming. not so much in a bad way. maybe at one point in time i felt like i was eating flowers but i liked it hahahahaha. very fragrant and light. something that i'd definitely go back for. the rest of the flavours... not so much.

right. i'm actually here finishing the post because i'm a little distracted about my hair. i got it cut the two nights before. not at my usual hairdresser (he would be so upset) lol. but i liked the way the guy did the fringe. just that i'm kinda annoyed that he cut the crown of my hair short at the back to 'fringe' it. i like having thick hair. but it was giving me a headache cos i had a lot of hair. and long. it wasn't cheap either. oh. i also changed my parting hahahaha. which is really a first. i say i'm gonna do it all the time but i never really do. so change is good i guess. or i know i'll never really be able to do it. and i ALWAYS tell zhijun that i'm so bored of my hair and i will do something different every single time after i cut my hair. and she'll say that i say that ALL the time but i don't really do anything about it. so i have now. hahahaha. even though i'm not sure if it's a good idea a month before flying to Korea. cos this isn't really Korean-hairstyle. ah i don't know. but hair has been cut and hair will grow. it just takes time. again. waited for my skin. now for my hair. but nah i don't hate it. i'm not sure if i like it. but we'll see. (: i will grow to like it i hope. and be used to fringe falling down on the other side of my face. meanwhile let me reminisce my old hair (yes i totally hated the fringe in Europe but i'm actually mildly missing it now). here's a shot of my hair at its messiest in photos.


Prague before bed *^^*

okay end of selfies heh heh heh.

stuff to write next: Europe and Shopping!!!

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