Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Korea: Day 1

hellooo. so i'm posting from Korea right now and i actually have so much to say but i don't really know where to begin. or rather, there's so much that i'm kinda lazy and unmotivated to post. BUT, these are memories that i know i want to remember and i don't exactly have a very good memory so.. trying to make the effort to post!

so we flew on 21st August night and i really want to thank everyone who came down to send me off :') i was really touched and i'm sorry that i couldn't talk to everybody for more than awhile. but i was really touched. and those who made the effort to text or wished me a safe journey. thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. and thanks for the gifts really. they were really thoughtful - especially that guide to Korea. (@Minzy) i couldn't have asked for more. and... i honestly want to post up all the farewell shots here. but i absolutely cringe looking at them because my skin was totally flushed :( and it happened again today from a particular sunblock which left me with red flushes on my skin. i'll see what i can do about it. oh well.

so Lynette and I flew rather smoothly to Seoul.. besides the fact that i may have dropped Tiff's letter on Malaysian Airlines on our second flight. :( i've sent them an email and am waiting for a reply. but otherwise, the flight was good. i actually got an empty seat next to me on the second flight so Lynette came over to sit. i was actually feeling quite overwhelmed and blessed throughout the journey so i wasn't as bothered by the turbulence that was going on. there was honestly quite horrible turbulence on the flight to Incheon and we slept for about 4 hours. at least i did. caught some pretty sunrise of some sort and successfully got our luggages which btw, my beautiful white luggage was scratched and dented. but that's okay. transferred my gift bag to my longchamp for safety purposes and seeing the matching stuff made me happy. haha.

so we headed off for the airport shuttle. just both of us cos apparently the rest wanted to take a cab of some sort. the trip was 10,000 and about an hour. comfortable ride. but it was tough getting up to SK Global House because of the slopes and my luggage was 33kg. yes. it was mad heavy and it was super hot. pushing that with my bagpack was horrible. but we checked in soon enough and spent awhile chilling in the room to cool down. unpacked and did up the room before showering and going for lunch at Global Plaza which is directly beside SK Global House. the Korean food at Crazy Brown was rather disappointing - Spicy Beef Soup without beef in it.. yes. 

anyway, we attempted heading out after lunch but the weather was unforgiving and Lynette was not feeling very well. probably the lack of sleep on the plane and the horrible weather. so both of us were quite tired and just feeling horrible. decided to head back to rest before going out when the sun goes down.

so we left in the evening for the main Sincheon area and wandered around looking for Daiso (i had googled while Lynette was sleeping and found a few in the area but googlemaps isn't fantastic really). so we just walked around and then randomly asked a kind Korean lady who showed us the place which was just around the corner from where we were. picked up our necessities and stuff for the room before heading for dinner which was just round the bend from Daiso and is one of our favourite places to eat now. (because it's cheap and good and the ajummas can speak Chinese *^^*)

so that sums up Day 1 really quick. i haven't been too motivated to post as of yet. posting such what-i-did-today can be rather mundane and boring after awhile. unless there's something that's i feel really compelled to share then maybe i'll blog about it specifically. like when we finally settled our phones yesterday and met two really, really, really nice staff. very very helpful.

this is my first time in Korea and i've been here for almost a week i suppose. i've had a lot of thoughts and feelings from being here, away from my friends and family. learning more about myself. all of these which i think are probably more meaningful to talk about than what-i-did-today. so i'm just finishing up this post and maybe i'll be able to talk about something else the next time i post.

oh and yes. enjoy the pictures. this is also a place for me to pin down my memory somewhere i suppose. (:


Stopover at KL

really pretty clouds

A Random Snowflake 
scattered clouds
I noticed the cables against the skies and had a little taste of Seoul for that moment. 
very Koreanish atmosphere eatery

Meat Mandu
Tofu Stew
Tuna Kimbap ^^

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Europe & Shopping

So i did do a lot of shopping in Europe. also, before i go on, let me say that the macarons that i spoke of the past two posts (i.e. Laudree and Pierre Herme), were both decent and in most cases, yummy. i'm just saying that it didn't blow me away like the one in Dubai did. i eat it and go. yes it is a macaron. it has a crunchy macaron cookie and a nice chewy interior... most of the time. Pierre Hereme is definitely better than Laudree though. in my opinion. but the Dubai one trumphs it all. 

so the skincare in Paris was really cheap. we got this at a pharmacy which is apparently famous among koreans. it was flooded with Koreans. literally. people thought i was korean too. ^^v AND the French shopkeeper spoke korean. this is literally what happened when i was browsing the shelves

korean girl to friend: 이거 얼마에요? (how much is this?)
passing french shopkeeper: 십일 유로입니다 (11 Euros)
korean girls & i: *turn in shock*
me: 어머. omo. 0.0

*korean girls and i exchange bewildered looks* it was seriously quite funny hahahaha.

AND there are explanation description charts at the sides of the shelves in Korean and Chinese. the sunblock was mad cheap (i mean considering sunblock here in Singapore costs at least SGD$29.90 per tube) i got sunblock there for about 10 euros? most of the stuff here are below SGD15-20. very, very inexpensive. and we got a whole lot of those vichy sample tubes for free too.

all the sunblocks and sun protection cream that i got are non-comedogenic. i checked before approving them into the basket. (: and i also brought them to my derm to get them approved. but he did the same thing - by looking out for the non-comedogenic label. so i suppose it really is trial and error. as long as it is non-comedgoenic it should technically be okay.. i think.

Dubai Airport, Forrey & Galland: Macarons
got these for the souls who don't eat chocolate/couldn't find any specific gifts for them. they weren't cheap and they are honestly mad yummy. Lynette the official macaron tester has testified that they are seriously really good. hehe.

Prague, Manufaktura Bath Salt: Rose Petals & Lavender. 
this was one of the more pricey gifts i got tbh. actually all my gifts are pricey.. because we are in Europe.. lol. i had wanted to get one for a friend. but the friend is picky about scents so i couldn't decide which was better. Lavender was de-stressing but i liked the Rose scent better. so i decided to get both.  ^^

Nottingham, Kenwood Spatula
i know this seems odd. hahaha. but i actually bought 3 of these to stock up. i have one when i bought my Kenwood Mixer and i super love it! it's a soft spatula that is really awesome for scraping the sides of the bowl. i use it for all my macaron baking and folding and it is really awesome. but i abused it and there's a slit in the middle of the one i currently have. couldn't find it in Singapore and not sure if it was sold separately so when i saw this in Nottingham at a very not expensive price i was like I HAVE TO GET IT. Gin asked me awhile ago if she should get a soft spatula and i was shocked she didn't have one. so when i bought this i picked up an extra for her (:

Prague: Mini Bombay
The most expensive gift i got i think. (besides the Sleek Palette mentioned below lol). 
For a friend who drinks Bombay. hahaha.

Nottingham, Superdrug: Sleek Blush Pomegranate and Rose Gold
a friend had specifically (and unabashedly) requested for a gift from Europe. lol. i love makeup. it was a good reason to get her some makeup. and i had previously wanted to get her something like that. i wanted to pick her a blush that super suits her skintone because i believe gold would really match her. so.. i got Rose Gold for her and Pomegranate for myself hehe.
P/S: if you realize, Rose Gold is very similar to NARS Orgasm. comparison picture below.

Top Left to Right: NARS Gilda, Sleek Rose Gold
Bottom Left to Right: NARS Orgasm, Sleek Pomegranate
P/S: if you look at it, NARS Gilda and Sleek Rose Gold is v similar in shade

i would love to review makeup actually.. but i'm not like a beauty blogger or anything. and this technically started out to be a food/baking blog hahahaha. so.. maybe if i do it'll be in a separate post. but can i just say that it is so bloody hard to open this blusher that i actually googled on how to open it and found out that everyone googles it too. but i've found the key to opening it without damaging any thing. pretty easy after you get a hang of it really.

Nottingham, Superdrug: Sleek Storm Palette
Sleek isn't available in Singapore in stores. they are available online. not expensive but it was definitely cheaper getting them directly from UK. i had intended to give this away as a gift to someone-undecided but i'm quite in love with the colours.. even though they are probably dupes for my Urban Decay Naked Palette and my Urban Decay Vice Palette. i am being greedy. lol.

since we're on the topic of makeup, i shall continue with other makeup related stuff that i got for myself. hehe.
UK: Unii Palette
i actually ordered myself the Unii Palette to be shipped to my brother's place way before we got to Europe. so i just picked it up while i was there. the Unii Palette is actually just an empty palette for you to fill it up with shadows that you get like separately? maybe single shadows or wanting to depot and palette. i actually got this wanting to depot my Naked Palette cos i didn't really like the furry case.. it was getting kinda dirty and i didn't know how to clean it. so.. yup.

Nottingham, Superdrug: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara
£6.99 - SGD$14
i actually have the older version of this. calorie 2000 mascara which i bought in Japan years back. i actually asked the receptionist of the hotel we were staying in which mascara she was using because her lashes was super defined and mad gorgeous. so i got it and i loved it. my only problem was smudging ._. but it did make my lash super defined. saw Max Factor at Superdrug and saw that they had SO MANY MASCARAS and they aren't too cheap really. this was one of the more inexpensive ones. the rest were about £9.99 i believe.

Nottingham, Boots: 97% Natural Naked Detox, Smooth
i know it's odd to buy shampoo overseas hahahaha. but i really love this. especially the detox.. even though it isn't the best smelling shampoo but it seriously cleans really well. and my hair is mega smooth and light after using it. it also prevents the scalp from producing alot of oil and protects the hair from free radicals. initial wash may seem rough. but after a couple of washes it will foam more and be mega awesome! the scent was a little ._. initially but i'm quite used to it now. smells clean to me. hehe. my brother brought it back once during his holiday and i fell in love. so i bought two bottles back this time.

Yup that's it. i'm too lazy to edit this post so pardon the longness.

Europe & Shopping: Shoes + Bags

I was working on a europe and shopping post and ended up with a really really long post. so i decided to split them up into two parts. this is part 1! basically my shoes and bags. i bought 3 pairs of shoes and 3 bags. this may be a little long/wordy for some of you. i'm long-winded, i can't help it. i've already cut out a couple of stuff. picture scan if it gets boring then(:

London, Cath Kidston: Bag (£30 - SGD$60)
this was originally £45 (which is about SGD90). i admit this is a little pricey purchase but it's Cath Kidston and already on sale! before i got this we actually picked up a similar bag for my cousin to thank her for housekeeping our place while we were away. and i liked it so much that when we got here before leaving for Heathrow, i decided to get it. actually we spent a lot on both counts we entered the Cath Kidston store. :D BUT ISN'T THIS PRETTY. it would match my wallet ^^
Paris, Longchamp ~SGD$130

Nottingham, Clarks: Bag  (£12.49 ~ SGD$25)

Nottingham, Tesco: Cute Socks

Nottingham, TKMaxx: Gold Glitter Shoes 
(£39.99 - SGD$80)
i know. this is pricey. lol. in fact i didn't want to get them becasue i thought they were soo expensive. and they weren't in perfect sale condition (TKMaxx sells stuff that brands reject because they are defect/imperfect somewhere.. or old sales stock i think.) so these were the only pair and they even had some pen marking at the back of the shoe... if you can see.

but i really really love them. if you take a look. the shoe isn't ENTIRELY gold glitter. the glitter has a mix of some blackish other kind of glitter which makes it more interesting. it's so prettyyyy i couldn't resist. in fact. we actually left TKMaxx without buying and i hid them at some corner in the shoe rack cos i was so sad that i couldn't buy them cos they were so expensive and we left the store. but i was too grumpy because the day before, i saw a bag at Harrolds' that i really liked and really wanted but it was £45 or something and i was like that is mad expensive for a bag. it looks like this btw.

so i didn't get it eventually and i was really grumpy cos i really liked it. and then these shoes. so i was like :< :< :< cos i had limited pounds on me. and i was thinking to myself. I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THEM IMMEDIATELY IF I WERE IN SINGAPORE. SIGN ONLY SIGN. so i was really grumpy after having to leave the glitter shoes behind. my brother told me that he thought the glitter shoes were more worth getting than the bag. and that the glitter shoes were even prettier than the black sequin shoes that i have (if yknow what i'm talking about). so halfway to our hi-tea destination, we turned back (yes my family was very accommodating to my brattiness) and i got the shoes. *DANCE* HEHEHE. well after tax it would have been about SGD$70 so i thought it wasn't that bad. heh. it wasn't in perfect condition. other than the pen marking, the white lining at the sides of the bottom isn't too clean either. but that doesn't bother me really. 

i guess it's like liking someone. when you really like someone/something, you willingly accept all the flaws. because those aren't important to you. SAME WITH THE SHOES. i liked it so much that i was willing to accept the flaws. just wasn't important to me.
so yes. it originally retailed at £95 which is about SGD$190. and when i saw that it was made in Vietnam i was like. THIS IS SUCH A RIP OFF. but i bought it anyway. yes i'm kinda a sucker for shoes. ^^'

no if you're wondering, i didn't get these. hahaha. i'd be insane if i did. but i stumbled across these when i was getting pictures for the other pair of shoes that i got. the pair that i got are actually really really similar to these in cutting. but it's just plain red. these are gorgeous i'd admit. but they are a little too loud for what i'd wear. maybe if i lived in Korea or something but in Singapore, people will just stare... i mean they are probably already going to stare at what i got..

Nottingham, Ebay: Adidas Red Heart Shoes (£40~ SGD$81)
i actually first saw this in stores when i was looking for a new pair of dance shoes end last year. and i tried A LOT of pairs. in fact, i may have combed half the island's Adidas stores. the biggest one was in Orchard Paragon i think. that one had the most Adidas Originals. and they carried these and a similar one with the tongue being a bow which i will talk about below. they actually retailed for over SGD$100 definitely but i don't recall the exact price. subsequently early this year i saw them on sale on ASOS (they were going at a little over a hundred i think) and i was like SHOULD I GET THEM. and before i knew it they were OOS. ._. i then started to search again, determined to get them because they started to grow on me lol. found them on UK Ebay at a ridiculous low price (before bidding) and got my brother to do the bidding for me. in all honesty though, these are about half a size bigger than one i usually wear for Adidas but it's okay because i figured i could insert my insoles (they were prescribed to me by my physiotherapist) which i previously couldn't in my old Adidas. so i got them! and i would consider them very worth getting for SGD$81. i mean a pair of Originals are usually at least SGD$100 and can go over SGD$200. so i'm pretty happy and i tried them yesterday. (yes just yesterday after Europe) super love <3 <3

also, SNSD subsequently wore them (or something similar) for one of their IGAB performance (I Got A Boy). i say similar because if you look closely, there's a red heart at the tongue instead of it being just white. then again it could be the Adidas logo, i don't know. but either way they are really really similar. so they are wearing both the heart ones and the bow ones which i mentioned earlier.. if you can tell Seohyun, Hyoyeon and Jessica are wearing the bows while Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Yuri (i hope i got the girls right) are wearing the heart-tongued ones.

London, Dr Martens: 1461 Floral Purple (£105 - SGD$210)
saying this upfront. after i bought this at a shoe store in Portobello Market, I found this at £80 on sale at the Dr Martens store in Nottingham. :'( :'( :'( very worth crying i feel. that aside.. i got these cos the leather is actually alot softer than the usual Dr Marts that people have. i tried both and these were really comfortable. my only complain would be the weight. the bottom, as you can see, is platformed and rather thick. meant to give you the bouncy feeling apparently. but they can be quite heavy. i foresee them to be very useful during my Korea trip which would be really cold i think.