Sunday, September 1, 2013

12 Days in Korea.


so i've been intending to post since forever but there seems to be a never ending list of things to do and i somehow can never get around to accomplishing them for some reason. and i'm actually rather hungry right now but my roomie is still asleep (it's 1340 here in Korea right now) and i'm undecided between waiting for her to get up to have lunch or going down and grabbing something and possibly working downstairs or somewhere around the area.. it's a little hard to post or get down to work when you're hungry really :< but it's one and a half week since i've been in Korea and i don't want to forget where i've been and what i've done and all the interesting things i've seen and the realisations that have come across me over the time i've been here so far. so i'm going to start making some lists of things i have to do, things i need to post about and rubbish like that. cos i work better with lists.

Things to Mention

  1. Summary of places and things done so far.
  2. Olleh: Getting our mobile phones done in Korea
  3. Hongdae & Sincheon
  4. Places to go
  5. Korean Makeup
  6. Food
  7. Things I've learnt about Korea
Things to Do
  1. Edit and post pictures on FB
  2. Filter and edit videos
  3. Blog
  4. Paint my nails
  5. Reply emails
  6. Blog
  7. Find out about classes next week. (yes school is finally starting for me next week)
  8. EAT.
yes. i shall go eat before continuing. my roomie has woken up and i'm waiting for her to get ready and we're gonna head to the nearest vegetarian restaurant (Loving Hut) at Sincheon (which isn't that near) to have some detox food. at least for me. the amount of carbs i've been consuming has been unacceptable and vegetables seem to be rather scarce here. how on earth do Koreans have so much carbs in their diets and remain slim is beyond me. so we'll probably head down, grab some wholemeal foods and then a salad to keep for dinner (so that we don't have to get out again). anyway it's already almost 3 here. i somehow am convinced that my body clock is still stuck in SG time. because technically it is about 1322 in Singapore right now when it is 1422 in Korea. so i'm not that horribly starved as yet. and my sleeping time. gosh my sleeping times. hahaha. yes. may everything regulate back to normal when classes start this week. 

i'm back from lunch/dinner/meal and i'm full and ready to do whatever i need to do!!! although it seems like half the day is gone.... and since i'm at it, this is what i had: 

Grilled Soy Protein Stew ₩6,000 (~SGD$7.20)
you have no idea how happy i was to see the brown/purple/grainy rice after so many days of white rice. and i find it absolutely fascinating that no matter what kind of rice it is, the Koreans manage to make them nice and sticky and chewy. i'm such a sucker for rice. so this comes with a side of Kimchi, Spinach (this was rather bland but i'm not complaining), and more soy meat on top of whatever that's in the soup. and they are so mad generous with the soy meat in the soup really. i had so much meat and carrots and mushrooms and zucchinis in the soup. and the broth itself was really tasty. better than most normal meaty broth i've tasted really.

ok moving on.

i've talked about Day 1 previously. so i'm just going to jump to the next few days.

24 August 2013, Saturday 
- Headed to Loving Hut for lunch
- Seolleung: to register for my dance classes
- Gangnam: Shopped at Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall

I actually have a movie digest of this that i uploaded on Facebook, i'll see if i can attach a link here. it's a really cool function that Canon has which basically takes the 4-5 seconds before you take a shot and compiles them into a video. i did a little editing and added some music. 

25 August 2013, Sunday
- Lunch: Lord Sandwich
- Did laundry
- Dinner: Sincheon, Kimbap and Green Tea Patbingsoo

26 August 2013, Monday
- Opened a Woori Bank Account in school
- Myeongdong: to set up our mobile phones (with Olleh, totally need to talk about this)
- Myeongdong: shopping

27 August 2013, Tuesday
- chill~ lol.

28 August 2013, Wednesday
- went to the Seoul Immigration Office to get our Alien Card Registration done
- waited for 5 hours... ._.

29 August 2013, Thursday
- Gasan Digital Complex Station: Mario Outlet Mall to get our winter wear 
- Express Bus Terminal (also called Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall): shopping

30 August 2013, Friday
- Hongdae: Trick Eye Museum, Ice Museum
- Hongdae: Hello Kitty Cafe
- Hongdae: shopping. hehehe.

31 August 2013: Saturday
- Hongdae: dinner, shopping.

okay that sums up what i've been up to. i honestly feel like we haven't covered much ground and there's still plenty of places to go. which makes me wonder how people can travel Korea in 1 week. then again, we were rather laid-back, recovering from all the packing and i-am-going-to-Korea-for-4-months excitement nonsense and hype that was going on. seriously i do feel tired rather quickly here. might be the weather.

the weather when we first got here was rather unbearable. the heat, seemed worst than back at home. it's been a week and half in and the beginning of September and thankfully the temperature seems to be dropping. more significantly at night. we would walk back from Hongdae area back to Yonsei enjoying the cold. it would be maybe 26˚C or so i'm guessing. days here have been much less humid and dropping to the 25-30˚C range. so that's not too bad. i'm really looking forward to fall though, where the weather would be nice enough to have a jacket on outside.

i relooked at the list of things i needed to mention and realised that if i do talk about all of these in one post, it would be a really long post. so i think i'll just bring in my realisations about Korea and then sum up with how things are and how i've been feeling and save the rest for separate posts.

/because it looks like an essay, i have split this post into two. part two here

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