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7 September 2013: Gyeongbokgung Palace 경복궁

The weather has chilled quite a bit as compared to the first week we've been here. so we were quite glad that we finally toured Gyeongbokgung Palace later than most of our friends, since we were still in the sun quite a lot while walking around. it was a really really beautiful place nonetheless and we caught a few filming locations for Rooftop Prince and Princess Hours ^^. we also chanced upon plenty of events and happenings going on. it's either we're really lucky or places other than Singapore really has a lot of happening things going on every weekend. 

There was some Kimchi Festival/Event going on that Saturday and they had a whole display of the various kinds of Kimchis and the huge jars (i'm sure there's a better term for this but i don't know what it is) that is used to store and age the Kimchis. so we also met some Kimchi Mascots and they were SO CUTE. in particular the Cabbage. yes. the Cabbage was really ultimately cute. Lynette and I still talk about The Cabbage even two days after and we always laugh when we think about it.. or him.. hahahaha. assumption that it is a guy, because i'm pretty sure girls wouldn't do the things that he did seriously.

Plenty of pictures after the cut. mega image heavy and i'll try to have little explanations after some images. and introduce The Cabbage. hahahaha. even the word Cabbage is really cute. lol. and meeting The Cabbage really meant something because i actually had quite a horrid morning that day. i was scolded by some Ajjusshi at some bakery near where we stay. it was horrible and almost ruined my mood for the rest of the day. even throughout the day i would turn to Lynette and tell her how horrible i was feeling. but i felt ten times better after we saw The Cabbage because he is SUPER FUNNY. ok i will stop going on about The Cabbage. you will find him in the images below and maybe i'll talk a little more.

that aside, talking a little bit more about Gyeongbokgung Palace, i briefly read up about the place before we headed down and it turns out that the Palace suffered a bad a fire in its history (which is probably the reason for the numerous.. i mean NUMEROUS fire extinguishers that we saw in the compound. and i'm talking about like ten in one area.)/ it also had a little history with the Japanese Occupation and is apparently one of the most beautiful palaces in South Korea. it was really big and i'm not sure if we managed to cover the whole place but we were really hungry after walking for a couple of hours already and it was almost 3pm by the time we got out to look for food. yes, there isn't much food in the place. except for a cafe serving.. cafe food. 

the admission fee is 3,000won and it was well worth it. i'm thinking of returning in the Fall and getting a few pretty Autumny shots since there really is a lot of green area there.

i have picked out 30+ shots out of around 300 shots from the trip to post here so these are really quite summarised and are really shots that i like.. exception of some. and i still had to remove some that i really liked because i didn't want the post to be filled with images.

we also came across a performance in the area after having lunch at a Bibimbap restaurant which was near King Sejong's Statue. and stumbled into a really inspiring cake place which serves really awesome cake and tea. ok it was a really nice day other than the morning so i'm quite happy (:

one of the rare shots we have together (:

this was probably a well but covered up.
Pretty Pinecone
Filming location for Princess Hours (?). i was guessing. the scene where they were on the horse and the guys fell.

Filming location of the last episode of Rooftop Prince 

The cutest Cabbage mascot on earth really.

up to some mischief: chasing after the poor boys. hahaha. 
and we finally got a picture with him

one of my favourite shots <3
the Legendary King Sejong: King who invented Hangul.
Billy Angel Cake Company
Lavender Earl Grey Tea (3,500 won) & Black Tea Chiffon (6,200 won)

we don't usually do such things: walking into a random cafe and ordering cake. but the whole decor of the place and the selection of cakes really appealed to me. the types of cakes that they offer were a mix of the popular flavours like Red Velvet Cake and Dark Chocolate Cake and more abstract and out of the norm cakes like Coconut Banana Cake and this Black Tea Chiffon. their offerings also contain no preservatives and are 100% natural if i'm not wrong. the place was really inspiring and the staff were really nice. completely loved the experience and apparently there's an outlet at Hongdae. will definitely be back.

Billy Angel Cake Company
Shot from Sinchon.

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