Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Korea, Day 21; don't lose yourself.

11 Sept 2013: Dinner with Cell (: (Beef Tofu Stew)
"sometimes you're just gonna have to put yourself out there and talk to people. no one is going to just walk away if you try talking to them."
i've so many things i want to share and remember in my journey so far. but there's only so much time and so much energy sometimes. summing up the past week or so, i've been frustrated with the language barrier exceptionally during dance lessons. and Koreans are generally quite intimidating, initially i think. so i met Esther, a Korean-Australian who happens to stay down the corridor on my floor, at church on Sunday. and i spoke to her about the troubles i was having. and that is what she told me. and so i did. probably one of the best advice i've gotten together with people telling me to just be friendly, i resolved to change how i looked at things.

and things have really been looking up for me early this week as i started to approach things in a different perspective, different attitude. (:

i've also learnt that there are so many people in the world, and i can't let anyone put me down so easily. because i stand by what i believe in, and i believe and take responsibility in my own decisions.

i've learnt to stop investing my emotions in people who aren't important, or not important anymore. meeting people from all over the world and interacting with so many new people has really taught me that we can't please everyone and everyone is different. some people will accept you for who you are, some won't. and that's just how it is. treasure the ones who will and walk away from those who won't.

and never lose yourself in the midst of holding on to anything, except God maybe. but never lose yourself in trying to please anyone. and as i've learnt in Strategic Management here in Yonsei, deciding what not to do is equally important as deciding what to do. we have to know what we will never compromise on.

okay i'm actually really tired right now but i really feel like i had to get this out so i'm sorry if i don't really make any sense. and, on a side note, i made the most unexpected friend from dance class on Tuesday. feeling really thankful. OK before i get more rambly i shall end here.

good night<3

take me as i come or watch me as i go.

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