Friday, September 13, 2013

Korea, Day 22; backlog.

13 Sept 2013: Dinner with Lynette & Alice
i actually wrote this i think one or two days back but i got fed up and tired so i posted the previous post instead. and this was stuck in my draft bin for awhile. this is a little more detailed so if you're interested go ahead. i'm kinda having a little headache now and feeling really sleepy and my muscles are aching (yes still). but there's something on at 12am later so i'm still awake for that. heading to Insadong tomorrow. okay that's all. before i go off, here is a quote that Suminzy included in the card they wrote for me. this was written on the cover of the card and it really encouraged me(: so let me thank Suminzy again. <3 <3, also, the card is really one of the most thoughtfully made card (i'm talking about handicraft now) i've ever received. really. <3
"no matter how much NEGATIVITY is thrown at you by others, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for you to stay put and partake in the decay they choose for their own lives. YOU decide how YOUR soul grows."
 - Dodinsky

i don't really know how to go about blogging about how things have been without rambling so let me just see where this goes. school started last week and ever since i've been trying to juggle my insane Tuesday and Thursday timetable, classes, dance and vocal classes, connecting to a local church and figuring out our way around Campus. yes, and trying to make some friends. maybe i'll get to that in a bit.

Tuesday and Thursday were really tiring for me last week and i just ended up recuperating on Wednesday and Friday because everything just seemed to demand a lot of energy from me. i guess i was also trying to readjust to the early mornings. i think i was zoning out for most of the time last week. so Tuesday this week, i picked up coffee and a scone at the cafe nearby to start my day and it really helped me get through my insane timetable. for a little background here, my day starts with 9am classes till 3pm, with no breaks in between. then i will rush off for an hour's journey to Gangnam area for dance/vocal classes till about 9pm or 10pm, depending. so i'll get back home at 10pm or 11pm and sometimes i join Lynette for gym. (which i did last week Thursday because i felt like i wasn't worked out enough).

it's funny because i thought i'd be super worked out but i didn't feel any aches last Wednesday and i didn't feel like i sweat much either. i guess i forgot that my muscle aches are always a day late. ._. well. the song we're doing has some crazy footwork involved and 선생님 doesn't speak a word of English. and it's pretty fast. so i couldn't catch up and ended up spending two days with Lynette learning the dance in our room. since i'm at this let me just say, i love my roomie.

i actually left the studio last Thursday in a really terrible mood because i couldn't catch up and i felt like no one could understand anything i was saying, even when i tried to speak to him. i teared up because i was really upset. then i texted Lynette, who was waiting for me to get back to gym together. i told her that i had nobody to talk to during class. and she said "Talk to me!". by the time i got back to the dorm i was in a much better mood though. maybe it was walking back in the cold alone from Sinchon, maybe. (:

and then she heard me rant before we went to run together. (she ran i walked lol). my awesome roomie then said that she wanted to check out the dance. before i knew it, we spent a couple of days analysing and learning it together. (Lynette is secretly talented). AND I MASTERED IT :') so that was huge for me. well it also secured me days of muscle aches. and i've been aching for a very long time. before i can recover i've got class again and i'm aching somewhere else. i guess it's a good thing. i know it sounds a little morbid but it's a very comfortable ache. HAHA. i like feeling the aches. even though i limp a little a times but it's nice. haha.

should move away from such posts and do some food-related post instead. kthxbye~

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  1. Just dropping by to say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :) and i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! and i want to go for dance lessons with youuuuuuuuuuuu. bring me along!!!!!!