Thursday, September 19, 2013

Korea, Day 28; Chuseok & Sunday Recap

Crossing the Han River
Sunday, 15 September 2013:
i woke up with a pain in my stomach, feeling tired and then homesick. it was worst knowing that it was my cousin's birthday and i really missed being at my grandma's place. Lynette was out with her LE partner and she asked if i wanted to come along. i told her maybe i'll join her later since i really was supposed to be at church. there was some event going on too but i honestly wasn't in any mood or state to socialise and be around strangers. it's funny because i was dying to make new friends just a few days ago and that day all i wanted to do was to crawl back into my comfort zone alone. so i texted my cell leader who was really nice about it and told me that i shouldn't stay alone. i thought about it and decided to drag myself out of the dorm and meet Lynette and her buddy.

got some directions from her and took a bus down to the area. after meeting them at a pizza place, we went shopping down the streets before going for dessert. and really, my mood lifted after retail therapying. *^^* and Lynette's buddy, Emily was so chirpy and nice i really felt much better. (:

we got to this dessert place called Sona and it was a really nice place serving a course of dessert for 21,000 won, which we split, so it was 7,000 won (S$9.40) a person. quite value for money if you'd ask me.

pretty fresh flowers on the table (:
Earl Grey Tea which comes with the set
molten chocolate cake covered with vanilla ice cream a whole lot of chocolate fudge and chocolate balls and melted chocolate from the top chocolate piece which melted from the chocolate fudge. REALLY CHOCOLATE HEAVEN.
the dessert tray.
the three desserts we picked!
after that, Emily had to leave for some school club meeting so we continued walking around and shopping a bit.

so we had a coupon for a complimentary salad with any order of a main course at VivaPolo (WHICH IS AN AWESOME AWESOME PLACE). so this is it. really good salad. with fresh oranges, tomatoes and broccolis. would be even better with mushrooms really.

Green Salad
Mushroom & Clam Soy Pasta, ₩10,000 (S$12)
the pasta was really, really good. mega tasty and so worth it! i was comparing with Pastamania where i'd get the tomyum pasta for about S$11.80 if my memory doesn't fail me. and it is as good in my opinion and the ambience is much better! i mean you get a street view from the second floor!!

VivaPolo, Pasta & Pizza
2nd Floor Bukang Building. 533-13 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Reservations at 02-548-7885

so it was really awesome because i wound up going back in a really good mood. like the world just became brighter and better and i was ready to explore Korea again. if i ever get homesick again imma hit some chocolate and desserts. hehehe.

19 September 2013:
Japaghetti for Lunch because everywhere else is closed.

not a very pretty sight and my first cooking experience in Korea so far. the noodles were nice but boring. just noodles and a sauce which tasted like a bland of Spaghetti sauce and Jajangmyeon sauce. which explains why it's called Japaghetti. anyhow, it's Chuseok today so most places are closed and so Lynette and I decided to stay in and cook. but after every single instant meal, i am reminded as to why i dislike processed and instant food so much. ._. always feel uncomfortable and slightly uneasy after having instant noodles or processed food.

we had actually planned to head for Lotte World today since we did Everland yesterday. but both of us are aching at the neck (thanks to T Express Rollercoaster yesterday) and my legs are also aching from dance. so we concussed this morning, missed our alarm and decided to sleep in and postpone Lotte World till tomorrow instead.

Chuseok, by the way, is apparently the Korean Mid Autumn Festival. but they don't have mooncakes. they have rice cakes of some sort instead i think. but i've been really wanting moon cakes so i spotted this at G25 a while back and bought it.

it doesn't really taste anything like mooncake and i was really sad. so i didn't even finish half of it, and threw it back into my pantry area. :( well at least it's only SGD$1.20..

it was more like a biscuity pastry skin and the interior was like red bean or some sweet stuff.. i don't know. but i really miss Green Tea Snowskin Mooncakes and the traditional Mooncakes with Green Tea Lotus filling inside. :(

anyhow, Chuseok is something like Mid-Autumn Festival, but the extent of celebration is very much like our Chinese New Year. i mean our holidays started from yesterday and it lasts till Friday. adding the weekends, we literally have a week of holiday. so we're taking this time to cover Everland, Lotte World, paying some sleep debt, finishing assignments, and clearing my backlog of pictures. yes, including those from Europe. and blogging. haha.

Imitation Mooncake ._. ₩1,000

so i'm glad that i'm done uploading most pictures, still maybe a little more for Europe: Nottingham and i'm still working on more things i'm learning about Korea. it's been an interesting journey so far and i feel like i've been learning more about not only Korea, but myself. strangely though, it's as though i've been hit by a sleeping bug but i've been so easily tired over here. may be the weather, may be my hectic schedules on Tuesdays and Thursdays and soon Wednesdays.. need to sleep more really.

alright i'm off to shower and sleep. since we're hitting Lotte World tomorrow.

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