Monday, September 23, 2013

Korea, Day 32; learning never ends.


Lynette and I were on the subway to Gangnam today when an Ajjusshi sitting beside me walked in and sat beside me. i noticed him because he was holding on to an English book and had his phone lying inside the book while he read. i continued staring (i know it's rude but it's in English i really could not help myself) and realised it was a book about Prayer and Christianity. that drew me even further and i found myself reading over his shoulder. then i noticed that the Ajjusshi was translating certain English words with an app. words like 'affirmative', 'expertise'... word by word. he probably translated 6-7 words over the whole journey and was still on the same page over a few subway stations.

it was fascinating, impressive and moving all at once as i saw him poking the screen with one finger, typing a letter at a time.

how the desire to read the book and the desire for God's Word was stronger than the language barrier. 

whole lot of respect and admiration honestly. i couldn't help myself and wanted so badly to take a shot, but didn't want to be rude. so i drew my courage and spoke to him in Korean and told him how i felt and how i really admired him for studying English just for the book and asked if i could take a picture. 

he was really cute and even took out his spectacles and wore them for me... which i didn't manage to capture. my phone camera was kinda off for some reason so the pictures are a little blur and i was too embarrassed to take a clearer one or take more. i thanked him and we had a short conversation as he kept the book and asked where we were from. 

it was short as we reached Gangnam pretty soon and before we got off i asked if i could take a shot of the book and he kindly held it out for me. again, camera a little off so i have no idea why it's glowing. haha.

little things we learn everyday. 

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