Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korea, Day 33; lost in translation

Dinner, Ton Katsu @ Kimbap Chon Gu, Seoleung (SGD$7.20)
today i was part of a double translation. a Chinese girl came to the studio today and apparently i'm the only person who could understand her.. and some Korean. i wound myself up at the reception counter with her trying to help her translate Chinese to my broken Korean until a friend of mine (who is versed in English and Korean, and some Chinese) came along and i immediately grabbed him and got him to help. so this happened. i would translate what she said from Chinese to English and he translated it from English to Korean for the receptionist. and then the other way round. never thought i'll ever be in such a situation but i was. my friend and i left for dinner subsequently and mused about how interesting it was.. double translation. 

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