Thursday, September 26, 2013

Korea, Day 35; every end is a new beginning

Shrimp Pizza with Pumpkin-stuffed crust @ Mr. Pizza, Seoleung
i had my first 희식 (饭局) today. apparently it's a monthly thing i heard? i'm not sure. since we finished Do You Love Me for Girls' Kpop on Tuesday, instead of class, we went out to Mr Pizza to eat. i was a little late but fortunately bumped into 선생님 and a fellow classmate at a road junction. it was nice, despite the language barrier. i got used to not being able to understand half the things but still made a point to listen to try catching some topics. and i did. i know that they talked about being a singer, about marriage and giving birth (yes lol), and some other stuff.

선생님 also asked me while we were crossing the road, if i've danced before. i couldn't really understand until she brought up ballet. then i understood and told her yes i took ballet in the past, but also did Kpop Dance before coming to Korea. while eating and conversing with a classmate, she said that i was flexible.. in Korean, which i didn't understand. she google translated. *ㅋㅋ ^^' 선생님said i was good at stretching!! ㅋㅋㅋ and concluded that it was because i did ballet for 3 years in the past.... at that moment i decided that i will be more thankful that i took ballet in the past. heh. i honestly didn't think my flexibility was anything exceptional... SO IT'S NICE TO BE TOLD THAT. HEHEHE. :D

i threw in a couple more conversations when i could, sharing some experiences and stories that i've had here so far in my not very good Korean. it was really a good opportunity to finally talk to 선생님 and the classmates, since there really isn't time to talk to them during class apart from spare time sometimes. but i told 선생님 that i wanted to talk to her more. and i told her that i do understand when she explains sometimes. because i realized that she avoids making too much eye contact with me during class, perhaps she's afraid that i don't understand and she'll have problems translating. hahaha. she told me that i'm already talking to her a lot more than i used to and told me to listen and speak more Korean slowly. *^^* at least that's what i think she said. haha.

i'm also done with TeenTop's Rocking (like finally) and the crazy footwork. today really marks the end of the first month that i've been with Def, and it's been kinda a rollercoaster ride every week. initially being worried and depressed when i couldn't pick up any courage to speak to anyone there, since i started alone. then making a couple of friends and feeling over the moon when someone connects with me - mentally and on social media hehe. feeling excited when i manage to catch up, learn the steps and practice. feeling like crap when i can't. feeling accomplished when i'm done. like now. it's been exciting and rewarding, in spite of the constant muscle aches and body aches. i'm not kidding when i say that i have trouble climbing steps because of some thigh ache. ._.

a friend told me today that i'm constantly giving out vibes of being permanently tired on Tuesdays and Thursdays. it's good. Lynette tells me that i sleep very well on these nights. in her exact words, "you hug your penguin like that and never move at all."it's funny because i think i sleep better here than i did back at home. i only had insomnia twice or so since i've been here i think. it's like i'm constantly tired and drained. i don't even have sufficient time to do anything. i haven't even finish uploading my Hanbok pictures goodness. and my other pictures, blog about other Korea stuff, pack my room etc. i told a friend the other day that i don't even remember studying at all so far. of course i pay lotsa attention in class and i really love some of my classes but all i remember is practicing in the room or in the lounge with Lynette, or uploading pictures/blogging. we are out rather often too. YonkoJeon tomorrow and the day after. Church on Sunday. I FINALLY GET TO REST ON MONDAY. i hope. but i wanna polish up the dances then.. maybe finish some assignments. yes i have assignments. then we're heading to Jeju next week. my life is rather exciting.

back on topic, i'm looking forward to the next few months of rollercoasters dancing. i hope there'll be more ups than downs, more highs than lows. and i'm excited for the next song already. (:

it's 12.35am, Friday here. but blogger here is set to SG time still so i cheated by an hour so that this post will still be posted on Thursday. i honestly wouldn't have time to post before 12am korean time. ok going to sleep now. only had 5 hours of sleep last night and my day was packed today. shall go get some sleep before the early morning tomorrow again.


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