Monday, September 30, 2013

Korea, Day 39; mooncakes

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i love Mondays, we chilled at Ewha today. ate lunch at a really nice place, shopped a little and went on to have some PatBingSoo for dessert. shopped a bit more, browsed and walked leisurely back. it was nice. i do have a couple of assignments to do. but the thing about exchange is that assignments can wait. really. heh.

this is completely post worthy. people around me would know that i've been lamenting for mooncakes for weeks. going on and on about how i miss moon cakes really. i honestly wanted my parents to send some over, but the shipping costs really kills.. and just for moon cakes? :( i was really sad that i didn't get to have moon cakes. anyhow. i went over to Tiffy's room today because i felt like she needed some HOMEY LOVE. so i thought i'd go over and talk to her for a bit and i shared some of the green tea kitkat stash that Lynette's bf shipped over. talked about stuff and somehow got to mooncakes.. then she said that they had one mooncake that was supposed to be shared among 7 of them. it was from a fellow Singaporean who received it in a love package from home awhile ago.

I IMMEDIATELY STARTED GETTING OVERWHELMED AND DRAMATIC WHILE JACLYN WENT NEXT DOOR TO RETRIEVE IT FROM THE FRIDGE. :') :') she even asked if i wanted to cut it hahahahaha. and so i did. and i ate 1/8 of it.. then tiffy offered me her 1/8. i was really touched.

mooncakes are more than just the awesome biscuit crust and the pure white lotus paste. sometimes it really isn't about the contents, but the significance of it. mooncakes represents a kind of home memory for me. it is a representation of family, togetherness, a little part of my identity. 

and i have it yearly. frankly, i did have some before coming over. but it's different having it here. my yearning for it grew during Chuseok, which is the Korean equivalent of our Mid-Autumn Festival, where families come together and celebrate.

i expressed my desire for mooncakes a couple of times to my family over Skype. and they told me that not having it doesn't mean i haven't celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival.. and they would keep some for me so i can have it when i get back. i stopped bringing it up after that. lol.

and i had some fake mooncake that was being sold at a convenience store here. and i talked about it here. so having this real authentic mooncake was really :') for me. tiff instagramed me saying that i almost cried seeing the mooncake. technically speaking i didn't.. i just kept hitting her emotionally hahaha. yes, in all my dramatic-ness and expressiveness. it was a really nice end to my day. except now i've to go shower and start on my assignments... long day tomorrow again.

말할 수 없지만 기분이 너무 줗아. 진짜. *^^*

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