Monday, September 30, 2013

Korea, Throwback 4 September 2013; outing with a stranger

terrible hair, but our only group picture. so here it is.

4 September 2013:
i headed for Hongdae after class to meet Tiffany and the rest for BBQ at Haha's Restaurant. when i did, Tiff told me that Emily picked up a Singaporean stranger while they were getting out of the subway station. this guy was apparently here for a stopover/transit and he works as an air steward with SIA. and apparently, he overheard the girls speaking in English and so he asked them for directions. while the rest of his colleagues were catching up on sleep, he wanted to explore Korea for a bit because his daughters are huge Running Man fans and he intends on bringing his family over at the end of the year. so when he heard that we were going to Haha's restaurant, he asked if he could come along to see where it is. we ended up dining together and went on to have Patbingsoo nearby, exchanging stories and talking about education, kids, studying and the perspective of being a student/daughter. it was a funny feeling, meeting a fellow Singaporean, and knowing that he was flying in less than 24 hours time back home. just a short distance away from home. so near yet so far. strange feeling.

we shared a couple of common topics, like his location in Singapore and other people we know working in SIA. and we recommended a couple of other places to go. i was on my guard nonetheless. we were, after all, 6 girls in a foreign land. and this stranger comes along and randomly talks to us. adventures in Korea really. and he told us that his wife and daughter would probably never believe him when he tells them that he met 6 Singaporean girls in Korea, ate dinner and dessert with them and shared stories.

and i thought to myself, just more than a couple of times that day, it must be really comforting to know that he'll be back in the warmth of his home, to his family in a day or two. it must be such a warm feeling to know that he was going home.

Green Tea Pat Bing Soo

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