Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Korea, Day 40; my japanese friend.

Dinner @ Pomato
on 17 September, i made a Japanese friend from dance class. she can't speak English, i clearly can't speak Japanese. so we could only converse in Korean. i always thought it was amazing. the very fact that neither of us were Koreans but we can only speak the language to each other and can understand each other.

Emily joined me for dance for the first time today. we got on the train back and somehow bumped into her. it turns out that she stays at Sinchon as well. so the three of us spoke in our fundamental basic Korean for about an hour on the journey back. it was really funny because sometimes we can't understand each other and have to elaborate or analyse in our broken (or at least my broken) Korean. i believe we attracted a lot of stares on the train. three foreigners speaking in Korean. i told her that the people on the train must think that we're really strange. but i didn't care. i liked talking to her. we decided that we should go eat together some time. or go out maybe. (: days like these that i'm immensely grateful that i took up Korean back in Singapore.
i can't believe September is over. it honestly flew right past and i don't seem to remember where it went. i may miss home, but i'm not prepared to leave yet. i haven't had enough of Korea, haven't seen enough. treasuring the next 3 months left.

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