Saturday, October 19, 2013

Korea, Day 59; my funny foot

16 October 2013: Severance Hospital
 Visit a Korean Hospital 
 Visit one of Korea's best hospitals
 Drink free coffee in the waiting room

seriously. the waiting area at Severance Hospital didn't smell anything like a hospital would. no sterile scents, nothing. it smelt like coffee. YES. #onlyinkorea - tell me about it. IT SMELT OF COFFEE. and so i found a coffee machine at the waiting area serving free coffee. that's how strong the coffee culture in Korea is these days.

okay a little backstory:

so apparently i injured my ankle when i tripped in a cave at Jeju about two weeks back. the pain only came the day after and i thought it'd go away after it swelled the second night at Jeju. the pain only came when i exert strength on my right ankle and i thought it'd go away after awhile. back in Seoul, i continued with my dance classes. the first class was fine, i just couldn't do a couple of stretches on the ground. by the end of the second class, i knew there was something wrong. the muscle in my ankle burned and i could feel it being funny when i walked. one week after, the pain moved to my leg and the front of my foot when i was walking, particularly after dance. i literally limped my way back from Sinchon. last Tuesday (15 October 2013), i couldn't do the footwork for the chorus of the choreography. i left class feeling worried. i had been icing it the nights before. i met Yooran on the way out who asked about my ankle, after which she told me that 선생님 was good at such injuries and knowing such stuff and that i should ask him. he came out at that moment and i got Yooran to translate for me. he asked a couple of questions then pointed to the steps. for a moment i thought he wanted me to walk up the steps to feel if there's pain. hahahaha. but it was apparently to get me to sit. so i did and he lifted my foot. that was when i realised my ankle had already started to swell up again. he removed my shoe *cue awkward moment* and told me to yell if it hurts. at that moment i really felt like all these Korean Drama scenes that we watch, they really belong to Korea 만. it was such a scene out of a Korean Drama. hahaha. that aside, i was quite touched. i guess it's because i am a foreigner and he has so many students in the class AND our communication is like 20% because he can't speak English and my Korean is broken. so i really didn't expect him to bother i suppose. new-found respect after that. (:

he told me that i needed to rest and not practice. and i asked if i had to go to the hospital (Korea doesn't really have clinics, they only have hospitals if you wanna see a doctor. otherwise you go to a pharmacy.) he said i should because it may worsen.

since the pain continued on the way back, i started to worry and headed straight for Severance Hospital (props that it is part of the Yonsei Campus and it right beside our dorm) on the way back. only the ER was open. so i decided to go back the next morning.

the doctors said it was a mild sprain. the look on their faces when i told them that i was dancing was hilarious.

"you danced with your sprained ankle?"

i just laughed sheepishly. anyhow, they made it clear that i couldn't continue dancing until i stopped feeling the pain. it's more of a strain i feel. and it probably worsened as i continued to dance when i came back. i wished i knew. but the pain wasn't apparent and it wouldn't have stopped me enough.

i don't know, but i was really upset at the thought of having to stop or delay. that would mean an incomplete choreography. i wanted to learn a whole song so bad. and i have been practicing every night possible. i was determined not to suspend regardless. but my parents aren't very happy (yes mom i know you're reading this) and i was vaguely reminded when my brother was overseas and my mom threatened to cut his money supply if he didn't comply to something. it was quite funny. hahaha. and the thought of having an old ankle injury upset me more. so i should be taking a break.. i think. i'm not sure how long.

i tried dancing without using my right ankle on Thursday but it was plain annoying because i couldn't complete the moves properly. and it hurt when i walk. so i stopped, almost completely, not practicing at all. at least it doesn't hurt when i walk now, unless i walk really fast. haha. being injured is depressing. and i'm thrown back to the time with my knee injury when i felt so bounded at times. but that wasn't half as bad. at least it didn't bother me.

i'm being more optimistic about it now anyway. it seems that i can only afford a week delay. so i'm really praying hard for it to recover in a week. the doctors said indefinitely. seriously. -.-.

i even stopped wearing my boots (yes i was still wearing them when my ankle hurt. yes i wish i didn't. i  wish i knew better.) so i'm wearing sneakers with everything now. zzz. can i also mention that i'm worried about all the food i'm eating now that i can't exercise. GAH.

okay that's the end of my foot story. haha. back to clearing assignments~


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