Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Korea, Day 63; Happy 2-Monthsary Korea.

Cafe Arvo; Green Tea Latte
it's been about two months since i've been in Korea. by dates at least. since i arrived on the 22nd of August.. and it's 23rd October now. 9 weeks today, to be exact. and i am sitting in a small cafe somewhere near the dorm, having a cup of hot green tea latte, planning my schedule, studying for my midterm tomorrow and not yet feeling excited for Busan on Friday.

i'm just really distracted by my ankle and the fact that i can't finish the choreography properly. or practice. i stopped practicing since last Thursday's class, intending to suspend classes for awhile from yesterday, only to be told that i need to call a day in advance. it was a good thing i was on my way anyway, and went down to attend class since my attendance was taken anyway. to my shock, there was no one in class. SSN saw me and literally went 다이앤! apparently i was the only one who turned up.. when i had originally intended to turn up just to watch. but now i had to dance. so it was almost like a one to one class for me. she asked if my ankle was okay. i didn't feel the pain anymore while stretching. less anyway. so i went ahead. i regretted after that. my ankle started swelling again. i knew in my guts then if i continued into the second class, i'll probably be back to square one, or the swell would be terrible and i may limp back from Sinchon again lolol. so i obediently sat at the back to watch instead. only to feel increasingly depressed as i saw them progressing a quarter of the choreo. how on earth was i going to catch up without being able to practice? sigh. and there goes another incomplete choreography for me. being bounded was so incredibly depressing. people would probably think that i'm exaggerating. how can it be that dramatic? IT IS. 

and it's not because i am #inkorea. i guess we take so many of our everyday routine for granted we don't even notice how essential and crucial they are. it's like being able to shower without avoiding an open wound. i think that's the best analogy i can give. you'd know if you've tried showering with an open wound. ok.

anyhow. i've suspended my classes. i hope i have enough time to recover.

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