Sunday, November 3, 2013

Korea, Day 74; 3 November 2013

10 July 2013; Nottingham, UK 
to the best parents in the world:


sending both of you all my love from Seoul, Korea 4,669 km away. <3<3

we may have our disagreements at times, but i know that it is always with my, or our best interests at heart. thank you for always being so supportive in the things i do (most of the time at least hahahaha). always trying to be able to provide for whatever i want, even when it is sometimes bratty. trusting in the decisions i make and never really stressing me in my studies.

i know i'm not always the best daughter around and my pride often gets in our way. but please know that i truly appreciate everything that both of you have done for me and korkor.


thank you for showing me that no matter what happens, all of you are always there. <3<3

lastly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on exchange in Korea.

i hope korkor was extra nice to both of you today and that y'all enjoyed the Cedele or Marmalade Pantry cakes that he should have gotten.

Happy Birthday Daddy & Mummy. <3

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  1. No dearie...your kor kor didn't get anything cos we already had 2 cakes given to us that day...and he promised he'll buy something else after his exams :p