Monday, December 16, 2013

Korea, Day 116; Counting Down

I met Tiffy on my way out to Ewha yesterday, and she was lugging along with her a small luggage bag - a sight so familiar to me the past week when my parents came down about a week ago. Her family came down two days ago and that just made me so excited. honestly, having your family around after so long is probably one of the best feelings ever. it has been kinda mehz these couple of days because of how cold it's getting. it snowed. oh yes it snowed.

i'll probably do more pictures when i get back home. because i have two papers this week and i haven't started studying since i just finished all my remaining assignments. there's so many things to be thankful for, so many things i do want to say and write about but i don't have the time yet. once i get back.

which, by the way, i am extremely excited to get back. back to the warmth of my beautiful city. back to the warmth of my family. back to the comfort of my home. it really is getting too cold for comfort for me. getting out can be such a chore having to pile on clothes before being able to get out for a while.

but i know i'll miss it, nonetheless.. so many things that i'll probably miss over here. i may miss the cold. just a little bit. and i think i will miss people speaking in Korean all around me. i don't know.

i will miss all the friends i have made.

i'm coming home. *^^*

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