Monday, July 7, 2014

days of our lives

i actually have a couple of drafts stuck in the draft bin which i begin the last few days but never did finish them. it's amazing how time is flying despite how i don't really have anything concrete or important to do but to get a job. i've just been job searching, applying, going for interviews. cleaning my room, meeting up with friends for lunch/dinner, swimming, dancing, going for physiotherapy. it actually seems like i have a thousand things to do. i actually have to go pick up my mirror from Ikea - i really don't have a mirror in my room right now. I had wanted really big mirror for dance purposes so i've been thinking and planning about how to go around putting it in my room. and there's a never-ending pile of laundry that demands to be put away.

strangely, or not, baking has been one of the last things to do on my mind. i guess i've been trying to watch my weight recently. with the trips to Korea and Medan and honestly not controlling my diet as much as i did, i do feel like i've probably gained a couple of pounds. it doesn't show on the weighing scale but i do feel it. i wish i could bake without having to eat. then again, i know i really should take advantage of the luxury of time i have these days to spend more time in the kitchen before i seriously get a job. then i'd literally have zero time to bake.

okay i shall prepare for my interview tomorrow, shower and head to bed early.

till next time

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