Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Korean Food: Tuna Bibimbap

Tuna Bibimbap

hello~ it's been so long since i last posted. in fact, i don't think i have had a proper post since the year started and it's already the later half of 2014. given that i've been away on exchange the later part of 2013, i haven't had any food post up either. so i thought i'd just do a short jumpstart here with something i made of lunch yesterday. before that, here's a little update about my life. i had made a trip back to Korea in May and went to my grandpa's hometown in Medan, Indonesia last month. it's strange how busy i still feel despite graduating and technically having nothing much to do but send resumes. i guess it's still summer holidays and i still have all my friends chilling around with me. ^^'

surprisingly (or not), i haven't been baking much. haven't had the motivation to bake mainly because my family doesn't really like sweet stuff or desserts. we tend to prefer savoury foods than sweets. but i've turned to cooking lunch on my own recently. Korean food in particular. i'm still learning and practicing to tweak ingredients and methods of cooking to my own liking and i was really pleased with the Tuna Bibimbap that i made for daddy and myself yesterday.

i've also gotten around to working to minimise the amount of work and time needed to prepare. it may also take a little more work depending on the ingredients. if you've noticed, i didn't include spinach and bean sprouts this time simply because i didn't have them. i only had carrots and cucumbers own hand, and dried chinese mushrooms. so i made do and seasoned them. i also used canned tuna and an egg for some protein. most importantly, the gojuchang sauce that i got on my recent trip back to Korea. i absolutely adore the brand that i'm currently using. i had tried a couple of brands and the difference in taste and quality is significant in my opinion. Lynette and I were at Lotte Mart debating if we should buy back tubs of gojuchang (luggage limit alert) and one of the Lotte Mart staff came up to us and pointed out this particular brand, saying it's the best. well technically i believe whatever Korean Ajjummas say in regards to Korean cooking so we were immediately sold and picked up a tub each. in fact, i didn't even have to season the gochujang with anything before using it as bibim sauce. i just scooped the sauce directly from the tub to the bowl, unlike my previous experience when i had to mix it up with sesame oil, salt, sugar and a little warm water to liquify it. it was mad delicious and i think i'm a convert to the brand. i'm not sure if it's available in Singapore at the moment though, even if it is it probably is twice the price. T.T

anyhow, the recipe is pretty straightforward and just involves slicing up ingredients and seasoning them with some light stir fry. but i'll include it at the bottom anyway. i actually added spinach the last time and it was delicious as well, but a little more effort to rinse the vegetables, cook and season. not an issue if i'm cooking for 2 or more but i do get a little lazy when it's just me. ^^'

i personally love making my own bibimbap when i feel like i haven't had enough vegetable intake, which is often the case when we eat out often. i can also freely adjust the amount of rice if i want to reduce my carb intake and increase protein and fibre. the amount of vegetables in this dish can fill you up fast (:

Tuna Bibimbap (Serves 2)
1 cup rice, washed, cooked (i recommend 3/4 cup rice for 2, especially if you're not a big eater)
2 Eggs
1/3 Cucumber
Medium Carrot
6 Dried Mushrooms
1 Canned Tuna (i used the one with light olive oil)
Sesame Oil
Sesame Seeds
  1. Cook rice. Soak mushrooms in water. (i use warm water to speed up this process)
  2. Slice cucumbers and carrots into strips. Set aside separately. Salt both evenly.
  3. Once mushrooms are rehydrated, remove stalk and snip them into strips.
  4. Carrots should have softened. Rinse carrots to remove salt. 
  5. Heat some oil in a pan. Sauté mushrooms. Season with some sesame oil and sesame seeds. Remove from pan and stir fry carrots. Remove and cook eggs - sunny-side-up.
  6. Rinse cucumbers thoroughly to remove salt.
  7. Assemble: In a large bowl, position rice in the middle and respective ingredients at the sides. Add tuna from can and the desired amount of gochujang. Place egg on top.
  8. Serve immediately.
note: although the rice kept in the rice cooker will remain heated and warm and help to keep the dish served hot, i tend to try to work fast before anything becomes cold. which does happen if i take my time. 

i shall head to bed now. i honestly have had tons of thoughts and things to talk about but i'm not even sure where to begin, how to begin and if i should even begin. i haven't been blogging for awhile, not here, not in my personal blog, which may explain my weird sentence structures, English and lack of ability to phrase my words properly. so give me some time while i start writing all over again. writing has been, and still is my outlet for all the thoughts in my head. it keeps me sane and grounded. it reminds me of the person i am. a habit i ought to keep. i hope to write a little more personally here, with more of my thoughts and more of me. it's something that i've always been afraid to do. it takes courage to hang your heart on your sleeve and leave it open to the possible power of the world. the anonymous world i would add. but, life is short. i simply will do what makes me happy. 

till next time.

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