Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Afternoons; fearless

1. I made Sour Cream Pancakes littered with tons of berries because i had left over sour cream from making cupcakes and it seems to be the berry season when blueberries and strawberries are everywhere in supermarkets and going on sale. they are so much more affordable than usual. by the way, the pancakes were mad soft and fluffy and really really easy to make. no stand mixer or blender required. (yes it was even easier than throwing everything in the blender because washing the blender can be annoying.) recipe here

2. I have been making an effort in taking proper chio pictures, food or not and i even fished out my Canon G15 to snap shots of the glorious sour cream pancakes and its berry counterparts above. i have rekindled my interest in some decent photography after spending a week sorting out almost 5 years worth of old pictures and realising that i took more than just a handful of pointless, un-chio and sometimes blur pictures.
3. I had two dance classes and a swim session over the past week and my body is aching so much right now. at least i'm burning off energy (and hopefully fats) which can offset my recent high carb breakfasts (like pancakes, scones and bread).
4. I want to shift to wordpress. but am trying to figure out a way to do all that without losing anything. i googled but they lost me at DNS domain. ...

5. my ankle still feels funny, especially during dance with all the footwork in the current choreo. i am starting to wonder if i am making a fuss out of something called an old injury and if it can be improved or cured at all. i go for physio sessions (although i'd admit that i have lost all passion to do the exercises at home) and i tape up during dance. but it still bothers me enough. i will make an appointment to see the sports trainer (which i initially refused when the physio wanted me to). the discomfort is too depressing.
6. about two weeks ago, i returned to CGH for my usual ankle review. dr ng told me that my ankle was still slightly swollen. nothing swells for a year. since my MRI was clear of any bone or ligament injury, the next possibility would be a blood problem. so he had me run (more than just) a couple of blood tests, drawing four tubes of blood and putting me on medication. 
"what if it isn't?" i asked.
"so it should be."
i didn't know how to feel about it. i prayed and told God that I believe that all things will work for the good of His plans. thankfully when the results came last Wednesday, i was clear. my blood was normal and Dr Ng concluded that it must just be my body type and that the sprain left an irritation at my ankle that caused mild inflammation when annoyed and hence the mild swelling. if that makes sense. well there is apparently a name for that but i forgot.
the incident may be over, but it did made me think however, of life and living in general. was i afraid of dying? if i lived as if it was my last everyday, i'd probably be fearless. there would be nothing to lose. what would you do if you had nothing to lose?

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