Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday Afternoons; life milestones

1. i attended a cousin's wedding at Capella Singapore this morning/afternoon and probably had more alcohol than i ever had at any other wedding simply because the food service took rather long and there were plenty of waiting gaps which we (or i rather), spent sipping our glasses. since i don't take sodas or fizzy drinks, i settled with the other choices. :D it was a very beautiful wedding and my first wedding luncheon.

2. i am feeling extremely sleepy

3. my throat hurts and i'm convinced that it might be the drying alcohol. ok.

4. my BFF Wu Zhijun recently flew back (for good i presume), from Australia and i'm meeting her in the coming week *^^*

5. i have been feeling the weight of God's grace, mercy and abundant favour in my life, yet i have also been reminded that we all only have one life, and am really only young once. where do we want to invest our youth in? these 20-something years we have are numbered and limited. although age is sometimes really just a number.

there are really so many possibilities in our lives. we could do whatever we wanted to. limits are drawn by ourselves. but then do we really know what we want in life? a senior once told me that honestly you'll never know what you want until you go about trying different things. which is why i'd just try anything. but ultimately i think i do know the direction that i want to head. with this life that we have, what is it that you want to make sure that you'd never regret when you face death?

i'm not sure but i believe that everyone has had or have a vision of how they want or had wanted their lives to be like. how they would be living. will it always be a distant idea, somewhere that only exists in your head or are you going to go about doing something about that dream to make it your reality. i was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ mentioned that this was one of the top few regrets that many dying people have expressed. i was certain, at that point, that i didn't want to be one of them. doing is sometimes better to have not done at all.

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