Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Afternoons; Work

1. i started my first week of work and it has been really interesting. i still constantly feel blessed at how everything just fell in place and how amazing God has been in really showing me what He has in store for my life. how everything really comes together for good for His glory. it really is still a little inconceivable and as much uncertainty as there may be, i have to constantly remind myself to ground myself in the right places.

2 of the most important boys in my life

2. i spent the last two nights relaxing and chilling with friends. we hung out till almost 4 in the morning and i'm beginning to feel that i'm really too old for this. but i'm living while i am. if that makes any sense at all.

3. the dance workshop that i have been working on has also been falling in place. miraculously. all that hard work over the past few months. i honestly don't think i can put a price on how much i had spent, time, money, effort into what i believe is of so much value. what i see as a passion and something i genuinely enjoy doing. (yes, despite the stress, tears and sleepless nights.) i fully believe in this project, this workshop, and most of all, my teacher. and i also really appreciate all the support i've been getting from friends and family and everything that i have been learning. (:

4. this week i wondered about freedom.
i guess it really boils down to what you want to do in your life. i'm afraid of forgetting and i would say it one more time, that we only have that few 20-something years of our lives. what is it that we want to do in these years? where do we want to invest this limited amount of time? where do you want to put your energy, heart, soul and ultimately life? perhaps i'm afraid of losing these few years. of getting old. of no longer being a 20-something. yes. age is just a number. i want to be young at heart, all my life.

5. i'm excited to bake! after i repay my sleep debt (that i collected over the past couple nights), i really have to get myself back and make myself some breakfast! i really love how close my office is - i'm pretty sure i can heat something at home, bring it to work and still have it hot. time to dig up some Fall recipes and have some Apple Pie or Apple-something. excited!!

6. i know i'm late in writing Sunday Afternoons, (it's a Monday night now), but i'm improving! i have been EXTREMELY busy the past week with work and work after work (handling workshop issues). it's like i work 24/7. but i'm glad to say that i do feel rather fulfilled. (:

7. i finally caught up with the past episode of Dad! Where are we going?. i was so busy that i stopped a quarter into the episode and left it there for almost a week. it's an extremely heartwarming and meaningful reality show that i think everyone should watch!

8. it's the end of the long weekend~ work tomorrow so i shall sleep earl(ier)! have a blessed week ahead everyone! <3

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