Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Afternoons; Recap

Singapore; being a tourist for a day
  1. i've been so tired and a little more than just drained, so pardon the lack of words.
  2. last saturday, i toured the city with a Korean friend, exploring places in Singapore that we hardly see, or hardly appreciate. i was really tired but it was fun.
  3. i also got the chance to try Honeymoon Dessert's Salted Egg Yolk Bun which was surprisingly mad yums. there was enough filling (unlike some that's actually dry). you can actually see the creamy sauce oozing from the bun.
Honeymoon Dessert; Salted Egg Yolk Bun
4. i will not talk about work today. but i will talk about my daily breakfast that i have at work. this is super easy. soaked oats in cold milk overnight together with raisins and throwing in fresh blueberries and bananas in the morning just before i pack them for work. mad yums<3

Daily Breakfast; Rolled Oats soaked in Cold Milk with Fresh Blueberries & Banana
Breakfast; Honey Stars with Cold Milk
5. I spent yesterday - my first Saturday actually free from work of all kinds. and i took 3 naps and rewatched one of my favourite old dramas. i honestly need to sleep more and get my life back in order. i am kinda missing the little gaps of time i used to have to myself. as Christmas nears, i am reminded of days of carolling. i miss singing, i miss dancing, and i miss performing. 

6. i know, Fall is almost over but i have not one single Autumn recipe up T.T i plan. but plans don't always work out. T.T but i suppose Fall foods still apply in Winter. speaking of which, it has been raining a little more than usual and it gets really cold. probably time to pull up those knits and leggings. (:

7. feeling a little jaded, of being tired. can't wait to see the rest of the family for dinner. <3 may it be an awesome week. (:

Coffee & Biscuits from HK
Group Therapy Brunch

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jo's Dance Workshop

Snapshot from 2NE1's Do You Love Me <3
 Night of Workshop Day 1 - 1AM: doing admin
Towards the start of the workshop...
By the end of the workshop - look at my poor Craftholic
Into an unacceptable state. I am pleased to report this was the messiest and it developed no more.

1. i have been extremely, extremely, extremely busy. and tired. i don't know how to emphasise this any further. my room looks like a hurricane came and left. i will unabashedly flash my dirty laundry in public. check out how it deteriorated over the days. i'm glad to report that all is in order now. i took some time after getting home yesterday to pack the place.

2. the workshop finally came to pass. and i still feel so overwhelmed, so thankful, so amazed at how everything turned out. even though i'm actually really too tired to feel too much but i know this is how i would feel if i weren't so numb with fatigue. it is a lot of work. but work i find palatable at least.

there's so much i want to say, so many people i need to thank and have a whole lot of feelings suppressed by fatigue.

my Thank You Speech

there's many to thank. during the planning period, i faced challenges and obstacles and am very thankful esp to Javius for being my official advisor: cost-benefit analyser, giving me constructive advice, helping me share the word and being so reliable. God knows how many hour long phone calls we had late into the night because that's the only time we have. i really really appreciate it - which you know <3<3. please come back soon we need to meet. Pat, for being so supportive and trying your best to help me in the ways that you could. for your time, effort and resources. <3 Lynette, for coming down on the last two days just to help me with registration and even offering to be my official photographer. and even more importantly, all that encouragement as i struggled through the first week of self-doubt and wondering if i made a right decision to do this. telling me to be positive and to dream big. you are such a source of positivity <3 Zhijun, for eventually coming down to help me with registration on Day 1 and freezing under the air con. (even though you are relatively disinterested in all that's going on but you came down for me. that is true love <3 LOL. Abi, even though you couldn't make it in the end, thank you for being there during that rough period. both of us were going through a tough time that week, and i know you were insanely busy at that point in time with PSS. but you would still always try to make time for me and give me opinions based on what you were more familiar with. i recall that day when i broke down and after we hung up, you and Tiffy kept sending me texts to check if i was okay. i was v touched :')

Gin, you may have absolutely zero interest in this hobby of mine but you still always gave your all in terms of brainpower. i know you're constantly drained from work but thanks for making the effort to always check on my progress and if i needed any help. and even still texting me after we fought over this. (we should have known, from the days of project work). but i really appreciate how much heart you put into this project that wasn't even part of your life. and checking on me every now and then to see if i needed anything. please know that i know. (:

tons of other people to be thankful for, like my Family, for being so supportive and worried for me. like my brother who proposed going on Facebook Ads and even sponsoring close to half of the Facebook Ads cost. I was really surprised when he came into my room and brought this up. and always being my (legal) advisor and telling me what he thinks is better. Family also includes my cousins Jo and Va, for helping me with the collaterals and artwork. I am very fortunate to have extremely artistic cousins who will always try to make time for me. they are still bogged with schoolwork and projects but they will always try if they can. my parents for sending Jo and I around and giving moral support by being physically present and trying to help in any way they can.

also everyone else who helped in one way or another, the little texts of support (Alice, Xinyi ...) very thankful. and also everyone who came. it was amazing and thanks for being part of this project. i truly hope that everyone learnt something valuable and improved in some way or another.

2. as i had mentioned earlier, i walk into my office everyday feeling thankful to be there. i definitely don't hate my job - something i've been eternally worried about since i could and it amazes me that close to a month in, i still sit at my desk and get pangs of awe and gratitude for being there. and i'm exceptionally thankful that i was accepted for being who i was and who i am. because being myself and being true to who i am is so important to me.

at the same time, i am glad to be able to still pursue things i love, as a hobby. the dance workshop for example, stemmed from my heart. it was never my intention to profit or earn from it - it just developed that way. it's something i wanted to do and something i enjoy. even more so, something i truly believe in. it amazes me because exactly one year ago, i stood in the studio of the dance school in Korea a little behind Ssam, and thought to myself that my dance friends back at home would benefit so much from her - if they had a chance to learn. and a few days ago, i stood in the studio here, back at home and watched it happen.

/written on 22 October 2014

1 Nov 2014/

3. i know i still owe everyone pictures and videos but i truly honestly have been so overwhelmed with work (i mean check out this outdated post by almost 2 weeks) that i haven't had time to really do it. i managed to upload day 2's pictures today at least. one more to go. and many have asked about the next workshop. let me just say that discussions are underway and we'll see what happens but will definitely keep everyone updated(: meanwhile, my heart, mind and soul is really gradually being engulfed with work. so that will come first.

4. i realised i didn't mention, besides being extremely thankful for everyone who has helped and been part of this project, i also want to mention and thank those who really made us smile through your actions. i'm glad to have been able to bring some joy into lives, and at the same time, i experienced so much joy from watching these happen and receiving thank you cards and text messages actually thanking me for making this happen. it was honestly overwhelming and i was really, really touched. :') you guys know who you are and thank you for the effort, cards for both Jo and I and messages of appreciation really continues to motivate me. i truly treasure these encouragement, so, thank you. really. and another special thank you to mom and daughter who came down with gifts before Jo flew. it means a lot to both Jo and I and Jo expressed to me that she was v touched and at a loss for words.

5. i wish i could say more but i've got stuff to work on. and i rightfully have to post a Sunday Afternoon tomorrow. so i will update more about things tomorrow.. and maybe bake.... maybe.. before Fall is over T.T - before this develops out of the topic, that's all. and see everyone at the next workshop (: