Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Christmas at Nana's Green Tea
  1. Spent Christmas with Eddy this year. an impromptu session - as all our meetings are. and half the time on special occasions. 
  2. It's about less than 2 hours to the new year, but i don't quite feel anything in particular but fatigue. time has been flying and half the time i feel so consumed in work and everything i don't even have time to do anything else.
  3. which reminds me, my parents were away last week and the responsibilities of feeding the dog and cat fell on me. and i tell everyone i don't even have time to feed myself sometimes...
  4. but that does not explain my weight gain since work started.
  5. it feels like Christmas crept up all so suddenly and took me by surprise. this year, i scrambled to put gifts together. and i will unashamedly say that as my Sparking Snow Yankee Candle is burning at the side of my table, i have a stack of unwritten Christmas cards (which i intend to finish tonight) to send off tomorrow. yes, i do know that tomorrow is 1 Jan 2015. lol.
  6. i didn't even have time to do any Christmas baking :<
  7. i also need to clean up my room and get my life in order.
  8. i procrastinated blogging since the eve of Christmas. and this is rather unlike me. i need to make new year resolutions. i will think about them and write about this again sometime next month.
it has been a life-changing year. and a year filled with learning experiences and new things. 
with graduation and entering a new phase of life. getting my first job - yes, i actually got a job. in a company that i'd never imagined i would be working in. and being a part of an awesome team. making friends, both new and old. i also actually organised an entire dance workshop on my own and started returning to physio this year. experienced a short health scare.

it also seems almost too surreal that my Korea exchange has now passed, more than a year ago. that it happened in 2013. i miss Korea terribly, i miss being in Korea and i miss being a student in Korea. feeling like a local and speaking Korean. and it saddens me that those will always be just a memory. i will have to return. 

i wish i had more time to write and tidy up things i want to say.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sunday Afternoons; Apple Cinnamon Rolls & Work

Work-in-Progress; Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Have absolutely been procrastinating the entire day in writing. i disappeared for a month - work has been crazy. i sometimes wonder if i'm giving up things i'm passionate about. that aside, today was one of the first days in a long long long time that i spent doing nothing important. except sleeping. (:

1. i squeezed time out to do the Last of Fall baking. they didn't turn out too pretty but they were absolutely yummy. yes i'm shameless but #truestory lol. Apple Cinnamon Rolls.

2. i've been going through rough weeks after weeks. two fridays ago, i decided to escape and went to watch a movie with a friend. picked a light-hearted movie - Penguins that was really quite funny. after which, there were no more buses home and we ended up walking. yes i walked home - with a cider in hand. goodness. was absolutely exhausted that day and was amazed that i was still able to hold a conversation at 2am. slept at 3am - explains my heavy sleepy debt.

3. i have been working over the weekends for the.. past few weekends. i haven't been eating with my family a lot. and it's been a little more than just tiring. i had one of those hospital appointments on Friday and managed to take a day off yesterday. it truly gave me some space to breathe and time to catch up on sleep. in fact, i've been sleeping practically the day away (both yesterday and today) but i still feel tired. one more night tonight and i hope i'll live again.

4. my stomach hasn't been at its best with my irregular eating hours and the stress. i have even stopped keeping track of the amount of coffee i've been drinking. 2 pumps from the coffee machines, or more on some days. but my stomach hasn't been very happy and i've been forced to stop these few days.

5. been eating lots of Ramen recently. RamenPlay is actually pretty yums. and i'm not saying that cos i'm biased but i truly feel that way. and so i've been eating Ramen everywhere else too. the one at Parkway is awesome too.

6. i need to rededicate my time to things i want to do. my korean classes, my dance classes - goodness even my physio has been telling me that i need to exercise. i was out of breath less than 10 minutes into doing strengthening exercises. need to reprioritise my life.

7. as i walked out of the hospital and along the roads of Simei, i suddenly saw how stuck and enclosed into my job i have been. not that it's a bad thing, but i had forgotten the beauty of being outside, of the other things in life. of being free. don't get me wrong. i like what i do. just that sometimes we forget that there's so much more in life than just the things that we see.

sorry for the incoherence. i need a proper theme to continue writing. i will end abruptly here.