Saturday, January 31, 2015


the girls at NUS picked you up from a bed of flowers and named you petal. your attraction to flowers was undeniable. today, korkor went back to that same bed of flowers and made sure you left with them.

i miss you petal. we had to change our lifestyle since you came. i complained and grumbled about having to share the bathroom with you, the various scratches you inflicted and having to close my door all the time. we even had to baby gate the stairs so that Stumpy would stop trying to look for you upstairs. which reminds me of the one time he chased you up the stairs into the room and you finally stood your ground and whacked him as you sat on the chair. you were a feisty scaredy cat

i secretly think you probably hated me at the start too. but we were stuck at home alone together for too long most of the time during my last semester in school and after graduation. you were my only company at home (together with Stumpy), and tolerated all my bathroom (and everywhere else) singing. we secretly bonded when i came home one day depressed and you sat and fell asleep on my lap as i sat on the rug in front of my room. i fed you treats on the sly almost daily after that.

but i've gotten used to that tinkling bell around the house. knowing you would always greet us at the door. even when i returned home late when no one else was awake. you would come running down to welcome me. i'd say you were a cat who thought you were a dog. you played fetch with your toy. and i believe you're probably the only cat who'd ever play fetch.

i miss you running to the window whenever you hear that we're home. to welcome us back through the glass and subsequently plop comfortably in our way as we entered to get our attention. no longer can i tap the glass at the window when i come back home. the house feels empty and quiet without you.

you'd sit in front of my room because you weren't allowed in. you'd try your luck sometimes and walk in, only to be drenched in water as i ran after you with the spray can. once, you disappeared in the house and we thought you escaped. only to find you comfortably hidden in my wardrobe for the entire day. you loved my wardrobe and sought to get in whenever you could. or you'd sit just outside my door, meowing to get my attention and hoping to come in. peeping in from outside.

you'd pose funny with your exceptionally long body. and bully stumpy by taunting him at the balcony. yet, you would still rest on the carpet right in front of him when we leave the house. despite our plans, you never made friends with Stumpy. i will miss seeing you lying there. or on your favourite spot on the black chair downstairs at night. or on top of our shelves as you stilt walk your way across our curtain rods to spy on Stumpy and the birds.

you also loved mummy and daddy's room, and would sit outside meowing till someone let you in. that was, until you learnt how to push open the door. you loved their bathroom, and the top of their wardrobe. you were constantly finding new places to hide, perhaps from us when we harassed you to play. or when i scared you just to watch you jump. or when i harassed you one night to catch the giant flying cockroach in my room when no one else was home.

you were a celebrity with our neighbours and the tuitioning kids walking past. everyone tapped at the window when they walked past. hoping to get a glimpse of our supermodel petal. you were so popular we fixed a basket beside the window. 

you also loved sitting at korkor's window, looking out into the skies, trees and birds. you loved birds. you always wanted to run out. perhaps to see the world outside. and you did, much to our dismay. and you didn't make it back. and i'm sorry for not being there to protect you, or save you from the dangers of the world. i'm sorry that you fell, and ran into hiding against that wall alone, behind the bicycles, bleeding and helpless. i'm sorry petal. it tears me apart every single time i think about how afraid and alone you must have been, lying there in pain. i thank God, that daddy managed to find you. but i'm sorry we couldn't save you and i'm sorry for not making it in time to see you before you left.

you were more than just a cat. you were family. always dependable, always around and rarely rejected a hug whenever i come home from a bad day at work. i miss you dear petal, and it's been extremely difficult for all of us ever since you left. i really miss holding your soft warm furry body. your long tail with that funky kink at the end. thank you for the past 1.5 years you've been with us, all the joy and laugher you've brought into our lives. i'll never forget you.

Petal, 2013 - 29 Jan 2015

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