Saturday, March 21, 2015

It is a Random Saturday.

life has been moving so incredibly fast for me and every single day has been filled to the brim with work. in fact, i don't remember the last weekend i had to myself - just sleeping in and spending the entire day at home. it's kind of an iffy feeling to not have anything to rush or work for. the second dance workshop has passed and i really don't have anything in particular that i'm worried about. which is rather amazing. perhaps only my Korea Trip coming up next week, which i haven't planned an itinerary for. and my messy room. before i lose track of life, i really needed to write - which i had been wanting to for such a long time. to reassess my life, to decide what was important, and what i want(ed).

i had wanted to write last week, but the dance workshop that weekend really drained me and i still feel like i'm recovering from that, and the late nights at work. i need to sleep more and remember that i cannot function without enough sleep.

today is one of the rare days that i'm at home, the entire day, relaxing, breathing and having time to myself. i watch some dramas to pass time, yet i'm afraid of time slipping by too fast without me knowing. it's so warm today though. and here i am alone in my room, the house, looking out into the skies that threaten to rain. 

i am rambling.