Monday, April 27, 2015


i simply am not someone who would spend my birthday simply. perhaps it’s the historical records of my birthdays. something exciting always happens. somehow. until recent years when we all grow up and become busy. but i’ve learnt, that how awesome your 21st is or 20th is is not dependent on how you spent your birthday. it is, how you spent your entire year. my 20th birthday was not a huge celebration because again, most people were still having their exams. i had pretty Shannon to spend my birthday with me and i’m so thankful for that. but i spent a pretty good year being 20. and i think that counts more than anything. 
- blogpost 27 April 2013 
i can't believe i'm #23. people do their resolutions and recaps of the year on New Years' Eve. i do mine on birthdays. ^^'. i couldn't recall what i used to post on my birthdays and to my horror, i discovered that i actually didn't blog on my birthday last year - which yes. is kinda weird. perhaps instagram took over.

sharing a little bit of my past writing above. i used to write so much, and so much (better). getting rusty altogether now.

22 was life changing. it brought about convocation, unemployment for a few months (i.e. months of figuring out life) and then getting my first job. a year of changes, i can't decide if those changes were good. but i guess it's inevitable. it wasn't the best year, but i found new friendships that i would fight the world for. i found people i didn't mind hanging out with for almost 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. i found friends who have learnt how to manage me and my fluctuating emotions and moods, while i grew and learnt to ground myself in logic before anything else. it's been an amazing, unbelievable and almost ridiculous roller coaster ride the past 7 months. and i'm not sure if i'd have held up without them.

but life has been moving so fast and i really wanted to sit down, slow down and re evaluate my life. but i couldn't get away from work and spent 3/4 of my birthday in the office. not that i hated it. but i'll just have to find time this week. which i have declared my #birthdayweek *^^*

so much to do so little time. we don't remember days, we remember moments.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mid-Week Korea 2015

it's the first day of April and my 5th day in Korea. i'm back at the same old place - Edae's Beans Bin, sitting at the very same spot i did in the Winter 2013, and subsequently early Summer 2014. i got my lashes and hair done today and i almost feel like a legit Korean. just a bit. not that i aspire to be one - #justsaying. i'm quite happy being Singaporean #thankyouLKY #itwillnevergetold

the weather is getting warmer - cold but warmer. if that makes sense. and i've been really resting quite well (other than last night). but really i have been sleeping so much (better). may i be well recharged when i get back. 

nonetheless, it feels good to have a break and revisit. walking through all the familiar lanes, still getting lost at iconic places and having favourite places. it hit me this time though, that i may never be able to truly be a tourist in Korea. ever. it's getting harder to find the little things that amaze me in Korea - similarly to how we probably take things granted in Singapore. i recall being able to find amusement in every single detail. the signboards in subway stations, the complicated buildings with hidden treasures at different turns. the hard sell marketing of cosmetic shops. i also recall missing the familiarity of knowing what lies in every corner in Singapore, and not in Korea. i have that now, here. and i can't wait to explore somewhere else and continue being amazed at the little things and learning more about a different culture. 

i spent the first couple of days overwhelmed in nostalgia and greatly missing my exchange days. truly! i relish the feeling of being wrapped in layers of clothing and being hit by the cold wind as we head out of the subway station.. the food.. ah. a couple more days.

much thoughts these days.

will be meeting a couple of old Korean friends these couple of days to catch up.

BTW: i've tried at least half of the waffle menu at Beans Bins and i can finally say that it truly is overrated. as Abi would say, Udders does this 10x better. *^^* #singapore #thankyouLKY